cnc router intro

I was out of town for work the last time there was an intro to the CNC. Are there any plans for another any time soon?

Planning another CNC course in the next few weeks.


I’m in for the CNC Router Intro as long as timing works out

I’m in as well, but also assuming timing works.

I’m looking forward to it. I was out of town for a couple of days this week so I’m relieved it didn’t happen while I was gone. Could we do it this weekend?

Too busy this weekend,
will post when I get may schedule.


I am looking at a CNC class on Sat Feb. 3.

10AM - 4PM with a break for lunch 12-1 (BYO or head out to one of the local establishments)

AM session covers hardware, concepts, CAD & CAM (including Feeds & Speeds)
PM covers how to run the project GCode on the CNC router.

We will design & specify the mills for a small project
Have Vectric VCarve Pro 9 loaded on your computer (BootCamp or Windows) if you want to follow along.
We will conclude the AM by generating the GCode (it just takes one click!) for the project.

After lunch, each participant will practice setting up the router and running a toolpath.

The cost is $20 for members, $30 for non-members.
Non-members have to sign a release before taking the course.

The cost includes a mill (cutter) to take along, for your future projects.

I am interested.

I added the spindle delay and tested it out last night.
I also repaired the auto tool Z fixture. The alligator clamp was erratic.

I am also interested, and may bring a non-member with me!



How do non-members sign up? I have at least two other people interested.

I am obviously interested since I started this thread. How many can attend?

Usually he sets up an eventbrite or similar for signups.

eventbrite should be up shortly