CNC router class June 24 (Sat)

Get certified to use the Hive 13 CNC router!

Class is 10-4, Sat June 24

Sign up at the Eventbrite URL:
($20 for Hive13 members, $30 for nonmembers; you get a mill and a piece of plywood to practice on)\

To use our CNC router, you need to take this class, then have a Hive 13 CNC docent watch you run your own (simple) project.

After taking the class, you can contact a Hive 13 machinist via this mailing list.

See you there!


Of course this would be on the weekend I’m on another motorcycle trip. Haven’t purchased the carbon fiber or carbide tooling yet for the purpose so will wait until the next availability.

I don’t think we want carbon fiber debris floating around the Hive anyway.

That’s why we are setting up our miniCNC as a closed system for cutting PC boards.
That’s for fiberglass, but carbon fiber is described as similar in hazard.

Maybe you can cut it in there.


I have other commitments on Saturdays. But I would like to make arrangements to do CNC certification on another day. All day Sunday, Monday or Thursday (negotiable, depending on work schedule or lack thereof at the moment). I would even be willing to pay a little extra for this.


I will look at my schedule. Is some time in July OK?


I’m also interested in the class but this weekend is the Amateur Radio annual field day which I had already planned on helping with.


Next planned weekend class is for August.


If you’re going to do some time in July on a non-Saturday, I would be interested in joining that session if possible.

I’ll post if it becomes available.