CNC Router Class at Hive 13 - March 9th

This class is to give you the basics of using the CNC Router at Hive 13 so that you can then complete the certification so that you can run the router on your own for your own projects.

In the AM session, we will cover CAD, CAM and postprocessing as well as info on mills (router bits) and calculating “feeds and speeds”.
After a break (bring your lunch or go out on your own (chili or Wendy’s)), we will demonstrate the Hive 13 CNC router and each attendee will run a tool path.

The software demonstrated will include Vectric VCarve®Pro,CNC Cookbook GWizard feeds & speeds calculator and Newfangled Solutions/ArtSoft Mach 3.
You can download the demo copy of VCarve®Pro prior to attending the course, if you like
(req.s Window ( or Bootcamp + WIndows on Mac)).

The fee includes a mill to take along.
To qualify to use the Hive 13 CNC we require that you
a) complete this seminar, then
b) contact a Hive 13 CNC machinist and have them observe you running your own (simple) project.

Bump - Hey. You’all This is your chance to get certified on CNC. These classes run quarterly.