CNC Plasma Cutter

In addition to wanting to get one for the hive… my Uncle has most of the parts necessary (including a cutter) to build a CNC Plasma Cutter. He has offered to it to use if we assemble (or rather build) it. He is currently using the plasma cutter for making lawn ornaments and would like to automate that task.

I don’t think the CNC table is very big… maybe 2’ x 2’, but it is rather cheap to use and would be an excellent learning experience for anyone who is interested.



(Also, I figured once we complete it, we would have enough knowledge on how to adapt a plasma to the big boy.)

This sounds awesome. What kind of help is required?

It will need everything… it’s a box of parts and plans.


I plan on bringing as many parts as I can down on Saturday around Noon. If anyone is around, you’re welcome to help me sort, identify and maybe even start playing.


Elly and I will be there to help you unpack and figure stuff out! Noon tomorrow still the appropriate time?

Due to the weather, it will be a little later... Its looking like 2pm now.


74 in Ohio wasn’t horrible. I just drove out to Harrison.

No, it's not the roads... it's the snow... my uncle's driveway is blocked and it will be sometime before he can get it cleared. (The snow has drifted to a couple of feet in his 600' long driveway!)

I'm postponing until Tomorrow.


you say that now Dave B - but this morning about 10 it was worse than 275 or 75…completely snow covered!

471 was slush at 11. 75 + 74 were much better by then. :slight_smile:

Ok… Joe had to work Today and won’t be able to get to it until later this week. I did, however, find out a bit more about it. He said that it was not based off of any plans, but rather was just a collection of parts that he knew would work together. It’s all threaded rod drives and there are 3 30’ rods with steppers, controllers, etc. He said the chassis was designed to be build with a surplus of angle iron he also has. I think that we could use a chassis built from a Menard’s Work Bench like my lasers were build with… I’ll pick one up and we can use it as a starting point. 30" x 48" should work quite nicely.


Bill, I’m quite interested in helping with this project, just for he learning experience with the mechanics and software. As far as the cutter is concerned, I’m a service tech for Miller, Lincoln, and Fronius, so if there are any issues there, I may be able to help out.


I picked up the steel frame from Menard’s for this today. I’ll bring it down Tomorrow.


Joe and I will be heading down to the Hive in the morning to work on the CNC Plasma Cutter if anyone want’s to join us.


ok so is this weekend the CNC hackfest:plasma cutter? I would like to help - can help with food/munchies/run a crockpot of chili -like stuff for munching, etc plus some fetch and carry.

I’ll be there after around 6 PM if anyone is still there. I don’t know much, but I’m willing to learn/help.

The plan is still on to start working on the CNC*'s tomorrow.

I’m planning on waking up around 10 or so, and will come down (with a crock-pot of chili that I made tonight) shortly thereafter. I don’t think that we’re going to get a lot accomplished with the larger CNC machine, however, we can get some of the work done after a trip to Home Depot has been made.

If there’s interest for a pre-build planning session on IRC/google hangouts, I’m game for that…