CNC legal now

Weird, I tried to post this message from my Hive13 address but it came up with an error.

I spent some time at the Hive this afternoon and I actually got some stuff done.

I brought in the pendant and got it working. Mach 3 was already setup for it. :slight_smile:

Speaking of Mach 3 . . . .
I installed the license file the Tiff got and now our version reads “Hive13”. :slight_smile:

I also installed G-Wizard and logged in so now it also reads “Hive13”.

I used the air gun and cleaned off the CNC computer. It was pretty dusty. I think we should think about some kind of enclosure/cover for it.

I also cleaned up the bathroom a bit (I’m guessing a troop of monkeys visited us earlier). The toilet seat no longer feels like a King’s Island ride.

If I die from some weird microorganism exposure I just wanted everyone to know that it’s been fun most of the time. :slight_smile:



Awesome Brad!! Your “some stuff done” is an understatement.


Agreed Brad has just moved for 37th to 23rd favorite hive member just on this.

Playing with the cursor was fun, can’t wait for the CNC class.

When is the CNC class? I think I would also like to attend now that I got to play with moving the CNC around.
I think we should put a marker in the collet and have a drawing contest.

Found this:
November 11, there will be a CNC certification class.

I just sent an email yesterday or the day before. It’s sat the 12th of Nov

And I would have sworn up and down that I had just copy pasted that exact information into this thread. I guess Schodinger’s Quantum Cut n Paste is alive and well. Friendly reminder, could you add this to the front page/calendar?

been super busy at work and haven’t had a chance to get on eventbrite. want to get that up before getting it on hive website

Is the CNC class still happening this Saturday? Haven’t seen anything on the calendar or website

yes it is. event is on eventbrite and is currently at capacity.

It’s on eventbrite, and apparently sold out.

Can I still attend to get familiar with the machine? I can get my own mill and plywood at a later date.