CNC horsepower?

Does anyone know the horsepower or wattage (and RPM range) of the CNC spindle?
This will guide the size of the surfacing cutter.



24000 rpm

How does Chinese product end up with English manual with Russian error messages?


Globalization, producing amazing amounts of confusion in a polyglot!

It’s 2.2kw which is ~3hp. The range in the manual it came with says 8-24k but it can and will go slower. There are tons of different Chinese manufacturers that make these spindles and the main difference is how many bearings that are used and the quality of those bearings. Our VFD brand is Huanyang or a Huanyang clone. I know if you search Google for the model number you may come up with manuals that look different and don’t say the brand but I believe you also find the model number in the Huanyang manual. We got this one from EBay from love-happyshopping in March 2015 after the last one quit.

cool. I’ll play with G Wizard and see how the different cutters come out.

I’m still leaning on the original “fancy” one I found. I’d rather keep our diameters smaller to lessen any chance of expode-a-rama. I got to watch a CD exploding when it was mounted to a router. Very cool, but very scary.

I like a smaller bit for surfacing.


Given that the motor’s a hair under 3 HP, I think the 1½" bit is plenty big.