CNC Head Crash

I crashed the CNC while cutting a part earlier today. There was an e-stop while running a cut, and when I cleared the faults I accidentally moved the gantry instead of raising the z axis up.

Everything seems to be working, but I'm afraid I racked the gantry, and I'm not sure what/how to check everything. Could someone more familiar run through it to make sure I didn't mess anything up, and help me fix it if I did?

Thanks and sorry for the crash...

Can’t help with checking the gantry but wanted to chime in and say thank you for reporting it!

I had several e stops in my cut on friday evening. They all occured with the x axis near the center of the board and the y axis near the center as well.

It even tripped on me twice when I was just getting the spindle up to full speed after it had tripped stepping up for a tab, running the resume from here command.

Always reset and page up.

Do you remember where the e stop occured on the board? Center, top left, etc.

I’ll check it out Sunday afternoon.
Thanks for reporting the issue.

Paul, I was getting similar estops in that same region, happened a number of times