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Quick Check list:
Be sure your Rapid Z Gaps and Home Z are above the top of your material.
Use the Mach2/3 Arcs (inch) (*.txt) postprocessor. Record spindle speed for each tool path.
Mark your X,Y Datum corner & Z Zero (on the top or bottom of your material).
Mark your safe nail/screw locations.

Use your eye and ear protection.

Power up: PC; Square D box; white switch: press RUN when “u000.0” blinks on the display Check that all 3 sensors are lit.
Boot Mach3; select “BigCNC”; click OK
Zero X & Y for gantry: Click Reset to green. Click REF ALL HOME.
Click Reset to red. Click Reset to green. Click Zero X and Zero Y to set both values to 0.
Raise the Z axis 2” (Page Up). Move the spindle +6” on X and on Y axes (Cursor keys).

Click Reset to blinking red**/green.
Install collet: finger tighten collet nut.
Install mill: Loosen nut; Press mill into collet (flutes clear of collet); Finger tighten.
Hold the wrenches as close to the nut as possible & tighten the collet nut < 1/4 turn.
Put the wrenches back on the hooks, don’t leave them on the spoil board!
Do Not Overtighten - this will destroy the threads and render the $600 $pindle u$ele$$!
Connect Z Zero probe. Click Reset to green.
Zero Z: Click Auto Zero Tool; Remove probe

Place your material on the spoil board; secure it square to the machine rails.
Move mill to the X,Y Datum corner; Click Zero X. Click Zero Y.

Place dust collector collar. Close D.C. drum gate. Other gates closed.Turn Dust collector on!
(—>) Page Up to put mill 2” above your material.
Move the mill for zeroing the in the Z axis.
Connect the Z Zero probe.
If Z zero set to base of material, place probe on spoil board. If set to top of material, place Z probe on material.
Click Auto Zero Tool. Remove probe.*
Click Load GCode in Mach3; Check GCode for tool path name & installed mill. Click Rewind.
Set Spindle Speed to tool path speed;
Click Spindle Speed input box; type in tool path speed; press ENTER
Press F5.
(->>) Be sure the mill is spinning! (Pressing F5 again will stop the spindle.)
Click Cycle Start; be ready to click Stop or Reset, or pull the Emergency Stop cable!
If you have to Stop the machine before the tool path is complete: raise the mill above your material; correct the problem; reset the E stop cable (2 places); click Rewind . Go to(->>).
When tool path is completed, move the mill away from the material. Click Close GCode.
Click Reset to blinking red**/gn. Change mill. Click** Reset to green. Go to (—>).

When project is complete, chop the tabs (mallet & chisel); remove your project.
Remove your material. Remove all hold-downs. Clean up chips on the table and the floor!
Return the collet to the tray.
Power down the router and the dust collector. Quit Mach3. (alt f, shift x)
*To test a toolpath with an “air cut”, set a block of scrap greater in thickness than your material on top of your material. Zero mill to top of block. Set block aside and run toolpath. Re-zero the mill to your toolpath Z Zero.