CNC funky?

Checked the CNC router this AM.

Couldn’t get the “max Y” (right) motor mount to trigger the LED.

Powered up the router, pressed RUN on the spindle box, loaded Mach3 with the CNC 05-09-2017 profile,
clicked Reset to unlock the ganrtry and clicked REF ALL HOME.

The gantrry proceded to Y zero:
the “min Y” (left) LED went green & the motor stopped.
the “max Y” (right) LED stayed orange & the motor kept moving until I clicked STOP

Any suggestions would be welcome.


I believe there was only a sensor on the Y that triggers for minimum. There is no safety for the Y maximum that I am aware of.

Did you try any troubleshooting steps? Could you manually trigger the sensor you are talking about?


Not able to get the right LED to turn green.

I homed the gantry with REF ALL HOME (as noted above) and the left LED went green, but the right did not.

I moved the gantry with the cursor keys to no effect on the right LED.

I also disconnected the motors and moved the gantry manually with no change in the LED on the right.

When the right Y motor goes to position and doesn’t result in a green LED, the motor keeps on moving/grinding away until the STOP is manually triggered,
even though the left motor has a green LED and has stopped moving. I.e., the right motor moves past the left motor and collides with the metal stop.

I wonder if it is a loose wire, as there are a couple of large wood-like structures in close proximity to the “logic board” at the far ("+ Y") end of the table.
Perhaps something got jostled?

I spent some time at the Hive this afternoon and troubleshooted the limit switch. After chasing all the wiring, the fix was to reseat the green wire in the board. It seems like that board is getting fussy. Perhaps we should order a spare.
Everything seems to be working now.

Good times.


Thanks, Brad!