CNC failure, left set up

I was cutting a big Hive13 sign for outside today and the CNC started e-stopping like crazy. Got to the point that spindle wouldn't get up to speed without e-stop, then I checked the connection panel on the back side of the base and there were several loose wires and a grounded electrical box hanging loose. Moving the box got me back running temporarily, but then Mach3 threw an error message saying comms with the smooth stepper had failed and everything froze.

I left everything as it was at that point except for cleaning up dust, hopefully someone can look at it and figure out what was failing and maybe even get the cut I was doing finished (vcarve file is open on the computer).

Sorry to leave it set up, but felt I was in past my knowledge of recovery and needed help.



See the general slack channel for more details on the error message, can't get it to upload here.