CNC down

I was helping Alex make some cuts on the CNC today and it appears that the got inserted improperly and messed up the threads slightly on the spindle. I already have a die to clean them up but needed a 55mm round die wrench. I ordered it from Amazon already and it should be here Friday.


Just so everyone is updated. Last night the budget for tools to fix both of our spindles was approved. Today with the help of Dustin and Kevin we fixed both spindles. After we did that I started helping Alex finish his work on the CNC and it froze. I tried rebooting the computer and after it updated it appears there is a read error on the hard drive and Windows will not boot. I brought the computer home and we'll see if I can fix it tonight so it can be operational tomorrow. I will keep everyone updated on how it goes.

Perhaps there should be some budget for a couple of $50 SSDs? Old platter drivers aren’t a model of reliability.

Lol what kind of luck is that? We re cut threads in both spindles successfully and got it all working just to have the computer drive crash. If it needs a HD I have some old school ones here I am pretty sure.

Ssd’s would be nice on the hive machines.

Seems like everything is back as it should be in CNC land. Making the final cuts now on the piece that Alex had going.