CNC Computer

Hey all,

I was trying to turn on the computer connected to the big CNC and when it started it had a black command line screen that said “disk read error, press ctrl alt del to restart.” After restarting it did some updates but is now hung up on a black screen with just the windows logo in the middle.

Does anyone know what’s causing this?

Matt Malarik

This computer has been having issues for several months and it seems like they are progressively getting worse. The issues are mainly during restarts but also some occasional freezing. Maybe someone should try another hard drive with a fresh install of Windows. If someone gave me a license key I’d be happy to do it.


Does it have a COA sticker?

Pretty sure it doesn’t, or its for Vista or something like that. I considered doing this the last time it had issues.

Windows 7 actually. Either way it is back up and running now. Just a botched system update from the look of it.

  • Ian B.

Hopefully that was it but it’s been locking up fairly often lately. Then on restart it can take a few power cycles to actually boot.

Yeah, I agree its not a long term solution. I’m looking into it.

  • Ian B.

Realistically, a $40 SSD from micro shafter will fix it good. I talked to Coy earlier and I think I can come up with a XP or 7 disc with a key. Coy is going to look for a small SSD and if he can’t find one, one of us will pick one up.
This is a good example of why a computing warden with a budget that could assist the CTO might be something to consider.

I was already planning on upgrading to an ssd in the laser computer and could easily do it in this one as well.

I don’t really see much of a need for a warden position just for that. Hard drives are not really consumables and it is quite simple to bring up a vote for a one time cost. Although I wouldn’t say no to a CTO budget :).

  • Ian B.

Micro center has 120Gb SSD’s for $40.
Let’s get an inventory and just get how many we need.
Win 7 keys should be easy.

Yeah, I’ve already got at least one spare of that exact drive. I’ll get more if needed. In the meantime I have mostly solved the lock ups by disabling a couple of rampantly terrible windows services. Apparently this is a known and very common issue in Win10. What a shocker.

  • Ian B.