CNC computer upgrade

Hello all,

Much like it's cousin the Laser PC was last weekend, although admittedly
under less rushed circumstances, the CNC PC has now been upgraded to a
new (to us) i3 machine from the old Core Duo box. I just cloned the hard
drive so all applications and files should still be in place. I'm
keeping the old PC relatively intact for the moment as a backup, at
least until I've seen that some actual cuts have been done with no
issue, but we were able to move it around via the new PC so everything
should be in order. Once I'm reasonably certain of that I will purgatory
the old one. We've got some room to upgrade in the RAM department if
people think it is needed (or if we just have some lying around) but
I'll leave that to the people who use that computer to decide if that is
necessary. Thanks to Tiffany for providing the PCs and to Timothy and
Greg for helping me test it.

- Ian B.

Great work everybody keep it up!

Great! Did the other computer I brought in get taken to your place Ian?

Yay great job

Our lounge warden currently has it. He is setting it up as a new lounge computer as it has been a while since we had one.

I’ll also be replacing the hard drive in the other fab lab pc with one that doesn’t suck. Probably tonight.

-Ian B.

good to hear.

Not-sucking is excellent!
Thanks Ian

The lounge computer was replaced about 3 months ago actually.

To be fair, it was upgraded from crap to garbage… But it is perfectly functional garbage.

Functional garbage. A better description of our hand-me-down computer infrastructure has never been uttered. :slight_smile:

  • Ian B.