CNC computer is down

I went down today to work with the CNC and the computer is down. Can someone take a look at this and update the mailing list when it’s working again?


Sorry about that, I noticed it yesterday and meant to send an email about it. Its some sort of driver corruption. I’ll be there tomorrow and should be able to get it running again.

-Ian B

This has turned out to be a more stubborn gremlin than I had anticipated. This machine may be unavailable for a day or two. I’ll report back here when it’s back up and running.

  • Ian B.

Ok, so the CNC computer is functional once more. It appears to have been a botched windows update that corrupted some system files which, despite my best efforts, I couldn’t get fixed. As a last resort I have simply reverted the whole damn thing back to the image I made a month ago when I installed the new drive. I restored the user files as best as I could but if any software was installed or config files modified in the past month they may need to be re-done. I took a full backup of the drive before doing the wipe and restore so if anyone finds themselves missing an irreplaceable file, let me know and I will do my best to assist.

Related note: It is generally a bad idea to keep anything deemed “irreplaceable” on a hive computer. Especially the glorified toaster sitting next to the sawdust factory…

  • Ian B.

We spoke about moving the computer box to the other side of the wall (lounge) to protect it.
We could have the monitor & keyboard pass through an access hole.

Some sort of dust protection on that machine probably wouldn’t go amiss. That being said, sawdust did not have anything to do with this incident. I was merely providing an illustrative example to underscore my point.

Ian B.