cnc Collets and endmills

Hi All,

I’d like to get those ordered asap so we can hammer down final costs for this class.

Yeah I think 1/4" endmills are a nice base size for plywood projects. You could also go with 1/8", which are reasonably priced but make big projects take a lot longer. Probably 1-flute or 2-flute. For people learning on plywood I think carbide or HSS bits are fine.

Here are the cheap-ass endmills that I bought to cut plywood:


We got some “standard” collets for the CNC router a while ago.
Not sure what sizes. They should be in the collet collection.

I thought they were all metric?

We specially bought a few standard ones.


Here’s the 1/4" endmill I recommend. It’s best bang for buck I’ve found. When I’ve loaned this one out to people (Jon, Elly), they’ve later gotten one for themselves.

Highly recommended – my last one lasted for ever and only snapped when I did something stupid (ran it a little too fast and neglected to notice a knot in the wood).

I have 1/8", 3/8", 1/4" endmills. All those sizes are useful, especially when dealing with inch scale plans (most woodworkers in US use inches, even though metric is rad and everyone should use that instead).

Collets and closers available from enco are decent and well priced.

Shapeoko is getting up online soon. That one has a 1/8" collet currently.

hey Brad,
looking back it looks like the 1/4" one was ordered and the 1/2" one went out of stock before it was ordered. Maybe we can get the 1/2" one ordered as well as a 1/8" and 3/8" also?

Let’s just order the set. $35 :flushed:

CycleMore Super Precision 12 PCS 1/8"-1/2" ER20 ER-20 Collets Set With 1/8",5/32",3/16",7/32",1/4",9/32",5/16",11/32",3/8",13/32",7/16",1/2"

I’ll put it on the warden sheet.


Heck yeah!

If anyone wants to do contouring, a 1/2 ball is probably most useful. Smaller diameters show diminishing returns and exponential increase time. If folks are doing strictly plywood work a compression cutter is nice, helps with splintering, 3/8" is nice.

just wanted to confirm that the collet set got ordered and will be here by the cnc class on november 11?

Since the collets are sitting in their packaging on the CNC spoil board, does anyone know what is needed to clean off the gunk before using them?
And do we have it at Hive 1 3 (like, in the metal shop, perhaps?)

You could use almost any solvent.
I think there is some acetone in the cabinet.

Here’s my contribution to the “Buying Endmills for the CNC Router” discussion:

1.) If you are already familiar with using a CNC router, buy/use what you need.

2.) if you are just getting into CNC routing (say, by taking the new Intro course…)
a.) don’t buy a pre-packaged set
b.) you will get a mill (1/4” fishtail or bull nose, I think) and an ~ 2’ by 2’ piece of plywood to mill as you like, so,
for a versatile starter set, get
i.) a second 1/4” fishtail or bullnose endmill (so when, not if, it breaks, you can finish the job)
ii.) a 1/4” ball nose endmill (if it’s 1/4”, you won’t need to change the collet to change the mill)
iii.) a 1/4” 60º V bit (may be the “HSS with Carbide cutters” type used by hand-held routers) for engraving, e.g, lettering
c.) go for price; HSS v. carbide is not so important at the start, or in general with wood (v. metal)

3.) later you can go larger or smaller as you figure out what kind of projects you want to mill

Just my €.02.


John S.