Cnc classes next week during weekday evenings

Hi All,
I have heard some people say it’s really hard for them to get down to the hive for a weekend class. So, would anyone be interested in a CNC class this Monday and Tuesday? Maybe 5-7 or 6-8? It would have to be broken into two days due to the length, so you’d have to be able to make both days. If we have enough interest, we will run it!

Sorry for the late notice/email. I’ve been swamped with work lately.

I’m in! mostly because I don’t have to travel for work this week…

I might be able to do 6-8. Work for me usually ends at 4:30 and it is an hr drive :frowning: I might also be sidelined with the need to put in two grout leveling pads in the old barn for my bevy of projects. Missed the best warm weather window.

Let’s settle on 6-8 so everyone is aiming at the same target for Mon/Tues.

John S.

I'm interested

Alright. Let’s plan on a class on Monday and Tuesday 6-8pm. Please bring 20$ cash with you to pay for the class or PayPal it to (bring a screenshot or copy of the receipt).

It’s a great class and the members who take it end up being very knowledgeable about how to use vcarve and the cnc machine!


Is there any sort of sign-up sheet? Or just sign the $20?
I’ll be there!
Doesn’t 6:00 to 8:00 Tuesday interfere with the regular meeting?

Someone once said: "A man's got to know his priorities."

Or was it limitations? Something like that.

I’m guessing the class will be done by the meeting on tuesday as long as everyone is on time to start!

Please be there by 6 as John S can’t stay too late those days!

Consider replying to this email as signing up. :slight_smile: sounds like we have enough interest!!

OK, 6-8 Mon&Tues!

If you have Vectric VCarve demo edition installed, it will be a little easier to follow the VCarve part, but it’s not absolutely necessary.


That is VCarve Pro trial edition :slight_smile:

What UDchemist said…

This class may have come and gone, but I’d be willing to do a weekday class (Mondays and Thursdays work best for me, but I can do Tuesdays with advance notice).
Same goes for laser certification.

I’m heavily involved in some holiday projects here and there, so how about come January once the holiday hoopla is over?


There will be one in January for sure. The next cnc class is currently scheduled for Dec 10 at 10 am if anyone wants to sign up, it’s on eventbrite.

I am interested in cnc classes