CNC class Sat Mar 4 - anyone signed up?

Hi all!

I haven’t figured out Eventbrite, so I can’t tell whether anyone has signed up for tomorrow’s CNC class.

Are there any takers?


John2pt0 (John S.)

Guess not…

Or they are not on the mailing list if they are signed up.

Either way, they didn’t show.

Sorry, meant to say something John, but I was hoping Tiffany would say something. I didn’t see any class listed in EventBrite. In fact I think there was a Hive13 location or category, which I cannot find anymore. Not sure if you need active events to have your category show up.


Thanks for the note.

I’m still not sure of the protocol to officially cancel an unsubscribed class, or how to check Evenbrite for same.

If they would allow an unsubscribed class to list with zero attendees, that would work, but I don’t know if they do.