CNC class May 12? (if the roof is finished...)

Any interest in a CNC intro class May 12?

(Don’t know if the shop will be open then because of the roof repair in progress.)

If people post, I’ll try to make a go of it that Sat.


I’m interested

I am interested, possibly a later afternoon class?

Normally it takes from 10-4 or so to get through.
If only a few sign up, it might be possible to talk about a late start (noon),


Final call for CNC this Sat. (May 12)

If interested, please post (here) which is preferred:
the usual: 10-4 with a lunch break (bring or go out for your own)
or 12-5 without a break

will go with the majority (this time…)

Cost is the usual $20 for members, $30 for non members & includes a mill

The class is an intro: to be “certified” to use the CNC, finish the class and have a CNC docent assist you with your first use of the machine.
You can make that arrangement via this mailing list.

(Not listed on Eventbright this time.)

Put me down as a definite yes.

OK CNC intro is on for 12-5, Sat May 12; $20 for members, $30 for nonmembers

CNC class completed, despite the necessity of a “small screen” presentation.

Thanks to Kevin & Daniel for their attention.

Thanks to Brad for his assistance!