CNC Area Update

I wanted to give everyone an update on the CNC area and what still needs to be done. Once these last items get finished we can have some classes, hopefully towards the end of the month. I know many people are starting to get a little irritated with the cleanliness of the area (me included) so this will give people the opportunity to pitch in and help vs just complain. Below are some items action items that members can pitch in and help with if they have time. If you have any questions please feel free to email me.

  • 3D printed items - when designing please try to handle cable management as well as possible

  • end cap for X axis

  • end cap to attach cable chain

  • CNC made work area’s to hold to PC’s at standing height

  • I have already made the surface top for this working area by gluing together pieces of baltic birch together. I was hoping to have a standing desk with a top working area approximately 48" wide and 20-24" deep.

Thank you for the update. If anyone makes the file I can print if sent to me.

Looks like Andrew Glass has volunteered to work on the standing work area. Just need some of our 3D printing people to step up and design some brackets.

Coy, I can start a 3d model for the wiring. However, it’s vastly easier if you can find me a part number, spec, technical drawing or (pretty please), a CAD file of the extrusion. McMaster and most suppliers now have STEP and IGES files downloadable for stuff. If I had basic specs, it may already be in my huge Autodesk Inventor Professional library.

Easiest, fastest, and most acurate way is to crack it open in inventor and make a complimentary part by just cutting it from the model. IGES and STEP files work best, but DWG and DXF are okay.


Lorin, if you get a file together and need help printing it just let me know how many copies we will need 3D printed. I won’t be at the meeting tonight due to having a stomach bug butt I can kick on my printer and make some stuff if need be no problem at all.

isn’t it just 80/20 extruded aluminum?

Yes. The Big Friendly Router was built with 80/20 brand aluminum extrusion.

The gantry is 7’ long 15 series 3060, and the long rails are 10’ long 25 series 5010.

80/20 makes CAD files available in several formats at

  • Ry