CMKT 4 circuit bending workshop at HIVE13 event on facebook

CMKT 4 circuit bending workshop at HIVE13 Saturday, March 12 at

Hey folks,

I won't be at the meeting tonight (out of town on business) but had
some thoughts.

We have some lead time before the CMKT 4 workshop, what if we tried to
get some publicity and be on the event calendar for City Beat? Any
objections to making some inquiries? Could I point them to Dave and/
or Nebulagirl as contacts if they wanted to interview someone for
further details?

We could do the same for the upcoming Sumobot bouts on Saturday April
16th, from 6pm-9pm and maybe contact the Cincinnati Enquirer too and
have them talk with Craig or Paul for details?

It could be some good publicity.

I took the Galileo finger kiosk apart to work on the Arduino and
mirror internals. It will be another week or so before I can be back
to do a Tuesday night shop 101 class and a stained glass class.



If you were to contact CityBeat, feel free to put me down as a contact person for the Hive. NebulaGirl is probably the better contact person for the circuit-bending workshop itself since I’ll be out of town that day anyway. I’ve updated the Hive13 Google Calendar to reflect the date and time change.


I’ve also deleted a handful of MakerBot Mondays from the next few weeks. February 14th is Valentine’s Day and so I have other plans. March 7th and March 14th, I’ll be in Jamaica. If anyone plans to be down at the Hive on those nights and wants to re-open it up as a “Open Workshop” night, please feel free.

I am still trying to find the best time to have a MakerBot 101 re-certification class. It will likely be either February 21st or March 21st.


P.S. - I’m sorry if the message that I was sick this past Tuesday didn’t get through to the meeting. I was pretty out of it…