clear, colorless hard plastic tubing?

Hi folks,
     I have a project for which I need a few feet of clear colorless hard plastic tubing... basically a transparent analog to pvc plumbing. I am using this as an LED strip housing under my truck dash and other places in my vehicle where I need extra illumination. I cant seem to find a vendor for such stuff. Tried other materials which are readily available but none seem up to the task.
     Any ideas or suggestions would be welcome.

McMaster-Carr. Look for acrylic tubing or polycarbonate tubing. You might be able to use the directory search feature---something like plastic, shapes, tubes, round---something like that.


US Plastics sells clear PVC pipe in a ton of diameters. They’re right off I-75 up by Lima, so shipping is usually very quick and cheap.

McMaster sells clear PVC pipe as well. It’s on page 87 of their catalog. McMaster’s up near Cleveland, so also quick and low cost shipping.

Good luck. Here’s some inspiration from Make Magazine.

Ian M.

The Microcontroller Monday crew has seen good results using fluorescent tube guards with simple parchment or colored tissue paper as a diffuser. These are easily durable enough to be kicked, though not rigid enough for use as a structural support.

Clear guards are available from Lowes or Home Depot for about $5/ea. 1000bulbs stocks a wide variety of colors. We also have around 20 feet of the stuff lying around at the hive if you haven’t already seen us playing with it during a Tuesday meeting.

I’ve been using clear polycarb tube from mcmaster. The 1/8" wall stuff seems to hold up very well to a drop, but the 1/16" wall stuff is a bit too weak. To diffuse it, I use pex tubine from lowes and rub the letters off with acetone.