Cleanup of Metal Shelves (In Progress)

I came in today and have started tackling cleaning up the metal shelves to the left of the workbench. Not a whole lot of progress was made (just the area in front of the shelves and one of the bottom shelves), but I plan to over time work on straightening and cleaning up the shelves to be a bit more organized and all that jazz. If anyone has any input on something that I need to be aware of while cleaning or has suggestions, I am all ears, otherwise I’m leaning towards reorganizing most of the left side shelving, as over time it has pretty much become a disorganized mess.

On a related note, I was talking with Russel today, and we both would like to look into potentially moving all of the sandpaper materials from the floor in front of the shelves and on one or two of the shelves to a storage solution in the area underneath the power tool table along the opposite wall. While a custom built storage section is always possible, we were thinking of just taking something like a two drawer filing cabinet and placing it in the empty space underneath the sanding and sawing bench. Unless anyone has any objections, if anyone sees a spare filing cabinet or other storage of this type anywhere that could be salvaged for this purpose, it would be greatly appreciated.

Tim Wagner

I took a stab at the right shelves, tried to label all the cases a few weeks ago.

Totally support organizing the sandpaper.