Cleaning/aligning big laser mirrors

I looked through the mailing list and I don’t see any mention of the big lasers mirrors ever being cleaned. As dusty as the machine is I’d like to take this on if there’s no objections. I understand it can be done installed with alcohol and a q-tip. Any experience would be welcome. Also I believe they’re very slightly out of alignment. Does anyone know if we have alignment targets for it?

I think there is a small plastic bin that has a lot of the supplies for the laser. There should be a crosshair type insert that you place in the beam path to help with aiming the raw beam. Be super careful if you work with the raw beam, we have eye protection that is rated for the laser in the Fablab.
I noticed that the mirrors seem a bit “dirty”. They might even be so degraded that we need to replace them. I don’t think they are very expensive.