Clean up your messes...

This is for everyone, because we rely on each other to keep the space awesome!

Today I found 8+ tools strewn about, on work surfaces and on top of other tools. Please see attached pictures. There were only 2 major machines in the whole woodshop that could have been used today without putting tools back, moving items or clearing off a mess. This isn’t just contained to my area either, as I had to clear off the computer in the fab lab to be able to write this email.

Based on who has been working on things lately and where the messes were left, I am guessing that a majority of this was caused by the power series and CNC groups. There are also some people/groups blatantly and repeatedly ignoring area wardens requests to pick up their messes. Do not do this, because we will start publicly calling you out, too!

As area warden, cleaning wise, it is my job to maintain and organize the space: “touch ups” of occasional tools left out, small items, collected general dust, cursory wipe downs of equipment every few weeks, etc. However, it is no one’s job to clean up your LARGE mess besides YOU. Leaving part of the space non-functional without intent to remedy it, or notify people, is inexcusable. If you are home already, and realize you forgot to clean any thing up

Everybody’s done it; It is easy for people to leave a tool out by overlooking it when you are leaving. I wanted to emphasize again, that you need to clean up before you leave, and ideally do a second check to ensure the space is usable for the next person, who just like you, expects to be able to work on projects without cleaning first. Of course you may leave active projects, but you MUST leave a note which holds a three-fold benefit: for me so I know, for everyone else so they can plan/work around it, and for YOU so your project doesn’t get messed up! All the people are happy, yay!

In the near future the hand tools will have an intuitive and streamline system of organization so it is easier for the general membership to put tools away. Ideas, as always, are much appreciated, and I will be “installing” a suggestion box in my area for anonymous suggestions also.

TL;DR - There is no excuse to leave tools you have been using out, or to leave numerous items on top of working surfaces and functioning tools (table saw, router table, workbench, etc.). Area wardens and the COO are not maids, so plan ahead and spend 5 minutes before you leave cleaning up. Ideally leave no trace, or leave things better than you found them. Everyone’s happy! :slight_smile:






I have never once used the woodworking area where I didn’t first have to clean it. Since I also clean it when I’m done, this is a bit demoralizing to come to every time. This is true to a much lesser extent with the fab lab. It’s the single biggest negative association I have with the space.

I’m not a clean or tidy person at home, so it’s not like I’m a neat freak. I just would be embarrassed to leave my mess so the next person can’t use the space.

All I can think is that many people just feel at home in the space, so they treat it like they would their own home. That’s a positive thing in general, but everyone needs to remember they have roommates in their second home.

I am at the hive right now, I have just discover that I have left a bag with the electronic components of the shapoko on the work bench.
So sorry for letting this behind me. I will double check next time I leave the space.

One again, excuse me.