Classes for stuff that does NOT require certification

What classes do people want to see at the hive? Specifically, is there anything we currently have that technically doesn’t require certification, but people would like to be taught how to use anyway?


Kevin M.
Hot Crafts Warden

Potential classes of interest

Cabinet making - Basics of doors, drawers and cabinet casing. - Learn to do it and make the first project for Hive13 kitchen and other locations

  • This would include making fixtures for the miter table to hold and feed parts

Make and hang more doors for Hive13
Furniture repair and refinishing

Oscilloscope intro.

John O

Oscilloscope fits well in what I’m looking for, thanks! The list I currently have put together is below. My goal with this list is to list the things that we need to be providing classes for to allow members (particularly new members) feel like they are able to use the hive fully. Other classes like cabinet making, residential electrical work, and Furniture repair and refinishing are definitely things I would like to see offered here, but I see them as a separate category of class, like a “project class” vs. a Tool/Equipment training class.

Please everyone review the list below and let me know if I have missed something!

Woodworking Shop:

  1. Squaring Stock Basics (Jointer, Planar, Table Saw, and miter saw)

  2. Bandsaw (Usage and Blade Change Adjustments)

  3. Big CNC Router

  4. Wood Lathe
    Machine Shop:

  5. Lathe

  6. Mills (Enco and Millwright)

  7. Roland CNC Mill

  8. Surface Grinder
    Laser Bay:

  9. Big and Small Lasers

  10. Vacuum Former and Plastic Bender
    Welding Shop:

  11. Welding 1 (MIG welder, Angle Grinder, Bench Grinder, Cold Cut Saw)

  12. Welding 2 (TIG/Stick Welder)

  13. Plasma Cutter

  14. Oxy/Fuel Cutting and Heating Torch
    Electronics and 3D Printing/CAD Bay:

  15. Basic Circuits, Multimeter, and intro to XYZ microcontroller

  16. Oscilloscope, and Signal Generator overview

  17. Basics of soldering, desoldering, and proto-board circuit building

  18. Ultimaker 2 3D Printer

  19. Resin 3D Printer

  20. Vinyl Cutter
    Hot Crafts:

  21. Ceramics Orientation

  22. Jewelry Orientation (Bench tools and Soldering Torch)

  23. Casting Orientation (Wax Carving, Investing, Wax Burnout, Vacuum Casting, and Sand Casting)

  24. Enameling Orientation

  25. Glass Lampworking 1 (Small torches and soft glass solid objects)

  26. Glass Lampworking 2 (Large torch and boro glass blown objects)

  27. Stained Glass Orientation

  28. Sewing Machine and Serger Basics