Classes and Teensy projects

Just a quick reminder, there is an Eagle PCB class coming up in 2 days. If you have not registered, please do so. If you want to pay at the door for this event you can but please send Dave B an email informing him you wish to attend so he can approximate the class size. Dave’s email is blundar at

If you are interesting in the Arduino 101 class that is being held Oct 26th and you need to order an Arduino kit with the class then you need to purchase your tickets by Oct 17th to ensure we have enough arduinos for you you. You get to keep everything from the class. If you want to brig your own arduino and breadboard then you can procrastinate until the 15th if you like :slight_smile: I will have enough buzzers and lights to go around regardless. Link:

Also if you were one of the lucky ones to grab a free Teensy for a project I would like to hear the progress of the projects. If those with teensy boards are ready to demo them at the Tuesday meetings let us know.


I still need to do some work w/ my teensy project, but I can probably have it ready for a demo by October 18th.