Class - Wednesday, Sept 8 - Recycled Bins

This Wednesday, September 8, Hive13 is happy to host Jenny Kessler for
a demo on making bins out of recycled plastic shopping bags. We'll
get started at 7pm. Bring a few plastic shopping bags, an old iron,
and some parchment paper if you have them. Don't worry if you don't
have the supplies - we'll have some of each of the above for those
that want to participate.

See you there,

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If anyone does need an iron, I had left one for general non-clothing purposes at the Hive a couple months ago - I believe I’ve seen it recently on the top of a tool shelf behind the solder stations.

But keep in mind - it’s only one iron!

This sounds very interesting, so I hope to be able to attend, but won’t know until it is almost time to start.

I put up some photos from the event here: