Class Schedule Program Committee Proposal tonight


I would like to add a "Class Schedule/Program Committee Proposal" to
tonight's business meeting.

The committee idea has jelled from several informal discussions over
the past several weeks as a "Year Two" initiative. Anyone is welcome
to join me on this committee. We are after all, a "do-ocracy" as
Chris has said in the past.

The proposal is that the committee will be responsible to organize and
maintain a schedule of Wednesday night training classes at the Hive.
We will shoot to program 26-36 classes during the inaugural 2010/2011
season. The committee will solicit inputs for classes of interest to
the Hive. The committee will encourage and recruit Hive members to be
the instructors for one or more classes during Year Two. The
committee will publish/advertise the course schedule on the HIVE web-
site(s), promote attendance (by members and interested not-yet-
members), collect payment, and organize the classes on a weekly basis,
nominally on Wednesday nights. Classes attendance will be free to
members. We will charge a nominal tuition fee (say $10?) to not-yet-
members, and some classes will include a class material/supplies fee.
It is a topic for discussion and evolution over time as a variable,
but it would be reasonable for the instructor to be reimbursed (on-the-
order of $25 or so?) for his time and the other half of the fees
collected would flow back to the hive. As a member there would be an
informal expectation that you would teach one or more classes and then
be open to attend any of the other scheduled class opportunities
during the informal academic year.

Several members are already willing and able instructors and might
teach on a quarterly basis. Others have potential, and with
encouragement, could also lead one or more classes. Subject
technology proficiency is a plus, but the enthusiasm of a "wanna-be"
is also sufficient for someone willing to lead a class exploration/

On any given Wednesday night, that night's instructor is responsible
to open the Hive, setup for the class, sign-in registered students who
show up (some classes allow walk-ins), get waivers signed by non-
members, conduct the class, clean-up afterward, and close the Hive
when done. The instructor sets the timing for the class. I'm leaning
for 6:00pm to 7:00pm for my classes with set-up and sign-ins in the
prior 15 minutes and shoot for wrap-up and clean-up by 7:30. Others
can set their own schedule and other Hivers can stay later.

I will bring a kit of show-and-tell tools/parts to promote my leading
a hands-on copper pipe torch-soldering class as an upcoming trial-runs
for the concept. What classes would you like to see and what classes
might you be willing to lead?

Looking forward to the discussion on this proposal tonight and getting
underway in Year Two...


This is really something I'd like to see. What is the next step?

I'm thinking maybe the next thing we need is a place to start
sketching out the class schedule week by week. We should try to start
putting certain classes on certain dates. We've got ~22 Wednesday
nights left in the year, let's see if we can assign something to each
one. Or at least for starters get a class planned for each month.
Put your name next to one of these days if you can teach a class. If
this gets out of hand, we can transfer this to the wiki or a Google
spreadsheet. If you have something you really want to teach and
Wednesdays don't work for you, just name your date.


August 4th
August 11th
August 18th - Dave - OpenSCAD
August 25th
September 1st
September 8th
September 15th
September 22nd - Dave - MakerBot?
September 29th
October 6th
October 13th - Dave - Paper making?
October 20th
October 27th
November 3rd
November 10th
November 17th
November 24th
December 1st
December 8th
December 15th
December 22nd
December 29th

I believe we should all (with accounts) have the ability to
add things to the Hive13 Google Calendar. I'll add my classes to it
this afternoon.