CLASS ANNOUNCEMENT: SMT Hand soldering 101

I'm going to teach a class on hand-soldering SMT devices on WEDNESDAY

I already ordered the main supply (which will be available after the
class at the hive for general consumption) - specialized solder. I'm
covering the costs for this out of the goodness of my heart (and
because I need it for my own devices) with the hope that those that
use supplies will contribute towards them being replaced. I still
need to get some nice tweezers and it would be really nice to get a
slop sink installed prior to the class so there will be a small
materials fee used to cover infrastructure, tools and supplies that
will be publicly available after the class.

Goal for the class is to cover simple, easy to do (with a steady hand)
techniques and materials used for soldering common SMT packages WITH
LEADS. NO BGA. NO QFN. (i.e. nothing with "blind" pads underneath
the device that need soldered - can't do that well without reflow

resistors, capacitors down to 0402 (I'm not good enough to do 0201 by
hand consistently)
connectors (mini USB, ethernet, etc.)

This covers 90% of the MCUs, transitors/FETs and passive components
commonly used by enthusiasts.

I'd like to keep the class size relatively small so one-on-one
coaching is possible and everyone gets a chance to try their hand at
stuff. Thinking that we're going to limit this class to SIX and do
another class as need be if there is interest.

It looks like we will *probably* be using these kits:

If you would rather put together something "useful" that's great -
BRING IT. If you can't make it to the class and you'd like something
put together, that's fine too. Make sure you get it to me in advance.

Further suggestions/questions welcome. A blog posting with signup
info will follow.
-Dave B.

I am signing up for this as soon as the sign up page is there for sure! What are you thinking about price wise?


I think we decided on $30 non / $20 member including materials.

the sign up page IS there already: