Clarifying the status of access to the Hive during curfew.

Hive13 and 2701SG (our building) are indeed open during the current curfew hours.

The curfew orders never anticipated the existence of anything like Hive13.
There is one exception in the curfew order that may apply to at least some Hive13 members. It is in section 4d of the curfew order. It is:
“For work: To engage in employment, including volunteer work.”
You need to decide for yourself whether you think that this applies to you.
Coming to the Hive at odd hours does at least match the ultimate intent involved. To minimize the contact between people to help reduce the spread of COVID. On the other hand, any time there is no one nearby you lose the safety factor of having someone else looking out for you.
The actual written order is here:

Also, remember that the building has an alarm system that is active from 10 PM to 6 AM. But that does NOT apply to the door that Hive members normally use at the front of the building that has the RFID unit. It DOES apply to all other doors to the building.

If you have any questions contact me over Slack or try catching me at the Hive.

Just to add some additional thoughts I have had about this since I saw it mentioned in the Slack channel.

10,000 villages is a charitable non-profit organization that relies on volunteers to work in its stores. If you were staffing the store as a volunteer, you could show up to the store outside of curfew. Maybe the volunteer needs to do work to get the store ready to open in the morning, or has late night tasks such as verifying the inventory. I believe all of those actions would fall under the ‘volunteer work’ exception. However, if I wanted to go to 10,000 villages to buy something, browse the store, or try on some clothes, that would almost certainly fall outside the definition of ‘volunteer work’. Even though 10,000 Villages is a charitable non-profit, they could not claim to be exempt from the curfew and remain open during curfew hours.

Hive13, as a charitable non-profit, does rely on volunteer work to function. I can see logical areas where work being done at the physical space would fall clearly into the area of ‘volunteer’ work. Ex: Work done to maintain & build out the physical space.

There are many grey areas, however, if you just look at a common use case: Going to the hackerspace to use the tools to work on a personal project. This would almost certainly not be considered to be volunteering.

I generally agree with Paul but would add that if you are working on a project for your business, it should also qualify.

Understand that we are not trying to be legal experts but just trying to give members our best estimate of the situation.

Also, clarification of the clarification of the status of access to the Hive during curfew.

Apparently the normal Hive13 door IS actually alarmed, too. So if you think you may be at the Hive between 10PM and 6AM, please be sure that you know how to deal with the alarm. We are still gathering details about that process but can walk you through it if you think you are going to need it.

Always a work in progress and thanks to our president, Dave Schwinn, for alerting us to this.


John Clark

Hive13 COO

Why doesn’t the Hive just stay out of enforcement and stick to being a makerspace? This is stupid. Leave the enforcement to the government and focus on being good to each other and using your brain. Coming in after curfew to avoid other people is a reasonable choice. Last I checked, you had to be an adult to be a member and as an adult you can deal with the consequences of breaking laws and orders.


Yeah, if we were to actually review the RFID door access logs we would likely see that Hive13 is accessed between 10 PM an 5 AM exactly once a month and it is almost certainly me, your sometimes insomniac President. Even if I was caught and questioned for being down there recreationally applying glitter to something that I decided at 3 AM required glitter I would lie and say I was doing volunteer work. Who is going to question that? I think we’ve written about 10,000 words in an attempt to cover our asses from our glitter loving President’s untoward nocturnal adventures.

I’d suggest tar and feathering all curfew violators but you might like it too much. Afterward, you’d probably want to include feather art in the fiber arts area…