Cisco Lab / Network Infrastructure

  There has been some debate between CTO (vendy) and myself over the
use of the cat 3500 as the core switch. The fellow from speedspan
(I'm spacing on his name) brought by a lot of good cisco stuff for our
use. There was some talk of a Cisco Lab, and I would encourage
someone to step up and do this Cisco Lab. However, if nobody feels
like getting the ball rolling on it/volunteering to run it, the 3500
is all we need to get the core network up and running.

Any objections to my sniping it for our core? I'd really like to get
our infrastructure down so we can really get rolling in the space.


I approve.

I’ve got no disagreement with that, FWIW.

I have a couple more 2600s (routers) and a 24 port hub this may help nurse the Cisco lab until we can get more, cooler stuff.

Setting up a cisco lab for CCNA training could be done with any hw that has the IOS on it. I think we have several of those. When I got my CCNA I remember there being a bunch of questions on frame relay and ISDN stuff…not sure if that’s changed.

I know I need to update the wiki but I would also like to make a request for an internal media network. Just a VLAN or physical lan for high bandwidth video and multicast traffic.


Agreed Craig - the media network’s already in the plans, it’s going to be part of the “core” structure of the network.

I’ve been deliberately holding off on getting any work on the infrastructure done until we have all of the switches people intend to bring in, as well as the full size rack placed in the Clean Room. Let’s face it, there’s not a whole lot for us to hang off an infrastructure at the moment, so we might as well do it once and do it right. Matt, if you want to pick a switch out and preconfigure it for the two-zone configuration we had discussed, please feel free. Just make sure we have 3 Cisco switches capable of running the latest IOS version to play with reserved for the Cisco Lab.

My ideal for the hardware placement is the one full size rack in the clean room where the plywood panel is mounted to the wall, and this is where the permanent stuff goes for the entertainment system, the jacks around the Hive in general will go. If we have a second full size rack we can use that for the networking lab, or that short half-rack would be ideal for equipment that is going to be goofed with constantly. Any ideas here?

I’ve been super busy and haven’t been to the space in over a week, is the full size rack in yet? Is there any help needed for this to happen if it isn’t that I can offer? Let me know.

I’m aiming for a networking party the weekend of the 8th of August. I’m hoping to get a friend of mine who is a professional cabling ninja to come help us get the space wired to the teeth - his name’s Eric, you Amazon types probably have worked with him since he did a lot of the wiring there a few months ago. Does that date work for you guys?


I would be down for that network party. I may have to get a sitter so no promises but would like to help.


Alright, we’re almost a go for August 8th being the Networking Party night. I talked to Eric the cabling ninja and he’s going to give us a lot of help in getting this planned and hopefully executed. Eric is waiting to hear back about a job that would have him working weekends, if he lands that job he won’t be available for a weekend night. Eric’s a highly experienced and very professional cabler, his help will save us a lot of time and hopefully unnecessary expense in getting it done efficiently.

Eric has a list of questions he needs answered, and then he will go to several equipment suppliers here in town and get equipment quotes for us on all the equipment we need to purchase - jacks, cable run hardware, cable management supplies.

Questions we need answered before we can get the quotes:

  1. Final number and placement of jacks.
  2. Length and type of cable on hand.
  3. Type of patch panels on hand.
  4. Type and quantity of jacks to buy.
  5. Measurements of everything - estimated cable runs, height of ceiling, etc.

We will need to have the scaffold again to get access to the I-beams for wiring on whichever night we set it up. Is that scaffold owned by the building, and what do we need to do to reserve it for the project?

Please sound off if you’re able to help out that day, and let me know if you can think of any place we’d want jacks that I haven’t listed on the Network page on the Wiki.


I will try to post our “profits” so people can have a better idea on how much money we have. We had a slight reduction in members. People who have not subscribed via paypal still have not paid this month but assuming they do we will have some profit again but we need to set down and decide what we will use it for. So far I have networking equipment, shelves, fridge, tools, makerbot and there are probably some I’ve forgotten about.

The first Tuesday of every month I would like to talk about our current membership/financial status and we can decide how to split up any extra money or raise funds for any deficit.

I will ask Grant to leave the scaffold if he can. I know yesterday he was talking about taking it out soon.


Hmm, it would be nice to have a Hive repository for bureaucratic materials like our budget spreadsheet, the donation spreadsheet, membership list w/ contact info, etc…

Maybe we could use subversion or some other SCM system that lets us restrict it to members only while also letting us control who can edit what files.

Yeah I think I’ll just use google docs ACL to publish a readonly copy to all members.

I’ve just been offered a Cisco 4000 series switch (at least tentatively) for use in the lab. I will let everyone know if it actually materializes.