Circuit-bending rock band CMKT 4 visit to HIVE13 on Sunday, Sept.26

See below from Austin of CMKT4. I’m presuming at least TP and I will open the hive to host their workshop on Sunday September 26th. I still need more details to announce this. Does anyone have access to the drum kit and PA they request in their e-mail?

Has anyone been able to get feedback from any of the local circuit-benders we know? We will want to target publicity into that community to get the attendance numbers up.



What time will the workshop be? I have added it to the calendar as an
all-day event for now. I've also already got the blog post and event 99% written. I just need the times.


One more thing:

We have a PA at the Hive already. I believe it belongs to TP. I
don't know of any drum kit we can access though.


Yes, I have a PA down at the Hive already… it’s not a monster system, but it’s plenty for our space.

Don’t have a drum kit, but I do have a keyboard with some drum voices? (??) Sadly, I used to have a kit but gave it away because I never played it.

The following is from Austin. Time would be 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm

Hi Jim-

Wow, alright. I try not to do this too often, but there are a lot questions here, let’s knock 'em down:

You three have your own transportation, yes?
When do you think to arrive into Cincinnati?

I think we’re aiming to stay with friends in Cincy the night before, I’ll try and figure that out. I’m thinking maybe hit up the workshop directly or figure out a nice place to do a “power lunch” adjacent to the space. It would be neat to get a lot of benders together beforehand, since we know a few, and maybe make some introductions to everyone.
(We could think to try and meet-up ahead of time, or not…)

Are you looking for any accommodations, or are you set for this?

We may as for help if we cannot for some reason find arrangements for the night shortly.

You can find your own way to HIVE13 on Sunday?

We have GPS, please let us know via email the exact address of the space.

What start/end time are you thinking about, afternoon/evening?

We would be headed directly for home from Cincinnati, so I think the earlier the better. We are open to suggestions.

What do you see as the agenda sequence and timing for this?

I’m thinking if we can get a lunch together, we can head to the hackerspace at like 1:00ish and get set-up for like a 2:00pm workshop to be over by 5:00pm for sure. We can start a little later, it might make for a more relaxed set up and perhaps would make for more attendees. I don’t think I’d want to start any later than 4:00pm.

  • People arrive around the announced time “XX:XX”

  • We start with a HIVE13 welcome to all and do introductions (5-10 min)


  • We turn it over to you to stand up and share your story for a bit (10-30 min)

We’ll try and keep it quick, Zach usually makes some interesting sounds amplifying objects with a contact microphone and then in turn manipulating them through effects. We’ll distribute materials and hopefully we’ll have work spaces set up already. Third-hands are helpful, Omnicorp detroit had little segments of 2X4 with a binder clip screwed to an end, they were super helpful. We can bring some soldering irons, but it would be great if you could have some proven ones at the ready and we didn’t have to pack any. We will bring hot-glue guns for everyone. I think you’ve got it about right, timing-wise, let’s say 25 mins.

  • We turn it over to the workshop. How long does that typically last? (60-90 min)

Jeff and I will build sample mics with the class and walk everybody through each step. We’ll have some illustrated instructions, which we’ll have packaged with some kits. Timing-wise, again, I think you’re about right on.

  • If we get the drum kit and PA, what kind of mini-concert can you do for how long?

We’ll play about a half-hour, 40 mins, it would be great to get all band stuff set-up ahead of time so people can hang out and enjoy while the mics dry. Mics will be about dry to the touch by that time, but they’ll probably not be really ready to see use for a few hours, I’d recommend overnight. But dry enough to take home.

We’ll be in touch, you can also reach me at 773.344.2434 if you need to call for some reason.

This is really starting to sound very cool. Hopefully, I will be around the next time we do this. Some pix and vidz would be great!

Thanks Jim.