Circuit-bending rock band CMKT 4 visit to HIVE13 on Sunday, Sept.26?


Hello. I am Jim from HIVE13. Pardon the time for us to get back to you. We had not forgotten your e-mail. Are you, Jeff, and Zak still planning to come through Cincinnati on Sunday Sept.26?

We are interested to meet you and would love to host you at HIVE13. That Sunday is not really the best for us. Many are out that day, but we can try to make it work. Our normal best times are on Tuesday nights when we have our weekly meeting and Wednesdays are the usual night for workshop classes. We have been looking to reach out to the area Circuit Benders and think your visit/workshop/concert could be a good draw. A couple of us could still cover that Sunday if that is still your plan.

We would start the publicity and start an eventbrite. What is your current thinking on logistics and details? Reply to start the discussion.

Jim Dallam