CinD-LOU's laptop needs a power supply

Thanks (again) to Steve for the new (to us) Dell Latitude D630 laptop
for the CinD-LOU project.

It looks like we will need to get a power supply.

Here are the specs:
   Input 19.5 VDC, 4.62 A
   Model PA-10 or PA-12
   Dell p/n FF171 (65w) or p/n FF313 (90w)
   Photo of the laptop's power port at

They are not expensive, but several folks joined in a prior post that
they might have one in their stash. If so, please post to announce
and (suggest to) bring it to the HIVE and put it on the Galileo table.

Thanks, Jim

There are some around the space that I’ve brought unless someone threw them out. You’ll have to dig for it.

I the one your looking for. I can drop it off on Monday if you still need it.

Bingo, I found the power supply AND the dock that goes with it.
I can drop it off Saturday. Will anyone be at the Hive tomorrow?


What time(s) would work best for you? Jim

Before noon would work. But I'm flexible. If not Saturday then I can drop off an another day.

Tuesday night after about 5:30 pm would be easiest. I could meet at
the HIVE tomorrow around 11:30 am. Others are likely at the HIVE
tomorrow also.


Okay,11:30 will work. The power is out in sharonville,but I will set my alarm with my iPhone and take a cold shower tomorrow morning to drop the accessories.

The HIVE web site spy camera shows live so I'm thinking the power
didn't go off there last night. I'll meet you at 11:30.


Enroute to the Hive!

It was good to meet you earlier. Thanks for the donation. Follow our
Google group to keep tabs on the progress.