Cincy Locksport meeting on April 2

Next Cincy Locksport meetup will be on April 2nd .

This will be somewhat open ended like the last one in that the focus will depend on who shows up, but I’ll have a couple more specific topics ready.

I plant to have a more coherent tutorial ready for beginners starting from scratch. Last meeting went pretty well for just winging it but it could be a bit better and less confusing.

We also may get into improving lockpicks through sanding/polishing, and salvaging old or broken picks by modifying them. We’ll mainly be using a rotary tool, sandpaper, and calipers for this.
Feel free to bring any picks you have that could use some finishing or reshaping.

We may also make tensioners since we’ll have the needed tools out already. I’ll bring some music wire to make top-of-keyway tensioners, which are very useful for a lot of locks and a lot of kits don’t come with them.

Just a brief reminder on this.