Cincy IoT meetup this Thursday (2/11) with Structure IoT platform hands-on

This might interest some Hive folks because of the potential for hardware and gadgets. A company I’m contracting with and that’s been to the Hive a couple times, Structure, is hosting a hack night and doing a preview of their IoT platform that’s not yet in public beta. Check the following link:

"Love new tech? Join us for a fun and informative hack night hosted by Structure. This is an opportunity to get a hands on preview of the soon to be released Structure IoT Developer Platform. Structure Co-Founder, Brandon Cannaday, will take us through a guided tutorial to build a basic internet button using Structure’s platform and an Adafruit Feather-based builder kit provided during the event.

Hardware will be provided for the event. We only ask that you bring a computer. If you’d like to get a leg ahead install the Arduino IDE.

As usual, we’ll start with news and updates and jump right in to building. Food and drinks will be provided."