Cincy 2600 meetings and car hacking

Hi all. Been quite a while! Things are settling down, and I'll be there Tuesday to re-establish my Hive membership.

My new(ish) employer wants me to immerse myself in CAN Bus so to speak, so I thought I'd drop a note and inquire about the state of the local 2600 meetings. Last time I was at the Hive, the 2600 meetings were kind if limping along/not a lot of attendance. If that's still the case, can one of you suggest how to get a hold of Craig Smith?

So anyway, hi again and glad to see there's now a vacuum former! I had bought plans from Publishing to build my own. Awesome!

Well 2600 now meets at Brew House, due to most of us are not key card carrying member’s of the Hive and been locked out most this year.
We still meet first Friday the month as usual,

As for Craig Smith I still talk to him randomly, if your not aware he moved to Seattle a few years ago and is redicliously busy usually traveling

So is there a Open Garage Vehicle Research Lab still at Hive13?

If not, is there *ANY* active car hacking groups in the Cincinnati/NKY area?