Cincinnati Mini Maker Faire Signups

Hey Folks,

With the Cincinnati Maker Faire coming up, we have updated the volunteer signup sheet for this year. Everything is broken down into 2 hour blocks, so if you can only come out to be part of the Faire for a short time you can sign up for that. If you volunteer as part of the hive you get free admission for the day. So if you want to volenteer for half the day and then wander around the even for the other half of the day that is fine. Last year we had to have 2-3 people available to run the learn to solder event, 1 person to talk to people about the hive, and we will likely need 4 people at a minimum to control the trebuchet. More people is always better, and that will also let more people filter in and out of handling the booth to wander around the event throughout the day.

Go ahead and sign up for the times you are available, and what you’d like to do.

Also, we are looking for projects that people have done. So if you have something cool you’d like to show off let me know, we can either help to get it onsite to show off, or get some pictures of it if it is non-transportable.

I signed up for “Anywhere” for the whole weekend. Left an open block in the middle to chill and get lunch.
I’m thinking we would like to get:
4 people for LTS
2 for the booth
4 for the mid evil throwing machine.

So that’s 10 per shift. :flushed:

Booth can probably get by with one (we could even just have a sign that says “Trebuchet” if no one is available), and LTS could limp by with as little as two.
There is probably a minimum safe number for the Trebuchet (4?).

From memory this is not too crowded of an event. Weather will probably drive the attendance.

This is our home turf people! You can come out and help us look awesome.

Maybe even a free Hive shirt if you volunteer at least 4 hours . . .


I’m in for Sunday morning.

Quick update for the upcoming Maker Faire.

Will and I tested out the Trebuchet (we need a cool name) today at the actual location. We will basically get the whole entrance lawn. Should be pretty cool.

I have ordered some more Learn to Solder supplies (magnets, batteries, irons) which should get us enough for the Faire.

After working the Trebuchet today I think we could get by with just two people at that station. The Faire representative, Arynn, said they may have some volunteers that could help us maybe with retrieving balls or getting things.

The learn to solder station will should support up to 4 stations but we will just have to work with what we have. Last year it wasn’t super busy, but some folks got burned out. Let’s limit worker’s time to max of an hour or two then take a break. A “back in a few minutes” sign can be put up.

Please put your name/time on the worksheet to help us coordinate the staffing. If you are flexible on available time it would be better to get on a low staffed time instead of having 10 people show up at the same time for 2 hours. :grinning: Right now it is just Dave and me. Will realized he has another commitment (so that means we can burn down the Trebuchet at the end of the Faire) :fire:
I probably won’t be able to actually do the whole weekend as our son will be recovering from surgery and my wife would kill me.

Sorry, out of town.


I really wish I could be there, I love these events! But I will be in Disney World, so… I can’t really say I’m sorry :wink:

Enjoy DWorld. We were there for July 4th.

The Avatar ride is super cool.