Cincinnati Mini Maker Faire Final Hive13 Volunteer Information

Ok gang, stay calm. Pardon my not finding the time to get the final word out sooner. As was said, it all comes together at the end. If you have issues with the process (in its as-is volunteer form) you are encouraged to become part of the to-be improved solution with us. We all do this because we think it is fun and to provide ample opportunities for additional constructive participation.

There are 12 Hive13 signups on Dustin’s schedule. Thanks for making this schedule, Dustin! That means there will be 12 worker wristbands.

Here is the official CMC CMMF signup information. Thanks for making the link Andrew!

The event is at the Historic Hamilton County Fairgrounds (HCFG) The GPS address is ​7700 Vine Street Cincinnati, Ohio 45216​

  • Take I-75 to Paddock Road exit #9 and then go 1/2 mile north to Vine Street past the Big Indian Car Lot sign on the left, and the HCFG is on the right
  • Alternately, from the Hive, drive north on Spring Grove Ave all the way to Vine Street past the Big Indian Car Lot sign on the left, and the HCFG is on the right

When you arrive, tell the Gate Guard you are a “Maker with Hive13”. They should let in (without a wristband yet) and you can park in one of two areas.

  • Go to the right and park in the Maker Lot behind the buildings, but you won’t have access to leave till that night.
  • Go down to the left in the general parking area at the bottom of the hill and you’ll have in/out access during the day.

Proceed to the Power Tool Drag Race and see me. I should have your Maker wristband for the weekend. I will ask to also get a few extra wristbands for those who may still sign up (all welcome) but did not sign up, no guarantees for late additions.

Use this thread for any final final updates to the above.


Did learn to solder and kitchen science end up there? Any member projects? I’ve been out of town, so I don’t know what’s down there.

Also, I think at this point we should just reserve the “after party” for our members who want to relax and have fun afterwards, and forgo handing out flyers to others. We’ll keep it low key and not really official; Anyone should bring their favourite snacks or drinks for yourself or to share! We might also get a pizza or something.

Anyone came come, not just those working makerfaire!

Note: We will probably have people, from other makerspaces specifically, who might want to visit our space tonight and that will be great, just as any other night we are “open”. :slight_smile:

The l2s boxes are still at the hive. Not sure about kitchen science/whatever else we need.

Ian B.

Hey all,
Sorry I can’t come down and help - battling a nasty head cold and I don’t want to get anyone else sick. Hoping I’ll be feeling better tomorrow so I can pitch in!