Cincinnati Mini Maker Faire 2019

I have started the application process for our participation in the 2019 Mini Maker Faire. It will be April 13th from 10-5.

Here is the original email:

I hope all is great in your world! I just wanted to take minute to a reach out to you about Cincinnati Mini Maker Faire.

You may remember that Becca Blumer, our new Manager of Community Collaboration, sent you an email a few weeks ago letting you know that Maker Faire participation forms are now live and ready to be filled out. Becca is now our CMMF producer. She is bringing so many new ideas and a fresh perspective to her new role. You are going to love working with her.

I wanted to highlight some of the exciting changes coming this year:

· CMMF is back in Union Terminal

o While we absolutely LOVED our time at the Hamilton County Fairgrounds, there is something to be said about fully enclosed buildings, air conditioning, and just being home. We are excited to let our Makers shine in our restored building.

· CMMF will only be on Saturday

o We definitely heard you when you said that an entire weekend was a huge ask. We value you and your work and your time. We cannot wait to have a day filled to the brim with maker focused booths, performances, and, of course, ping pong balls flying through the air.

· CMMF is moving to April 13th

o We recognize fall has always been an incredibly busy time of year for our Makers, Vendors, and guests. We also realized that we are not able to showcase our student makers at the beginning of the school year. Plus, we just couldn’t wait to get all of our favorite partners in our building to create with again!

Now, here’s the fun stuff:

  1. Please fill out the registration form and secure your place at Cincinnati Mini Maker Faire 2019. With such a tight turnaround, Maker Faire will be here before we know it! We don’t want anyone to be left out. Registration ends March 15th!

  2. Tell your other Maker friends about Maker Faire and to fill out a registration form too! You and I both know that the best part of Maker Faire is the energy we all feel when we’re all together. So let’s add more people to the party!

  3. Get to work! I cannot wait to see what you are going to show off next. I know our guests, other Makers, and Becca are going to love it!

Any questions? Send them to Becca Blumer at, and she’ll take excellent care of you!

I look forward to seeing you soon!



Gwen Elliott

Cincinnati Museum Center

Director of Community Collaborations

Community Engagement

office (513) 287-7000 ext 7279

mobile (513) 827-8692

Find us on Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube

Union Terminal

1301 Western Avenue, Cincinnati, Ohio 45203

I’m thinking we will definitely do a Learn To Solder (LTS) table with a few stations. We will update our inventory of supplies to make sure we can support it.
I wanted to bring up to potential to do something else. We did Power Tool Drag Racing and Trebuchets before. I think they like having some “big” stuff.
Let’s talk in the meeting about interest. If we can get enough people we can make great things happen!

I completed the application with the Learn To Solder as our item.
I mentioned in the application that we might do a giant Tetris by our table(s).
Is this something we would want to do? We probably need to get something together with space/power requirements to them soon.

I am not sure what the status of the Arcade cabinet in the lounge is, but I think that would be a good item to bring.

I’m willing to get involved in the Tetris build. I’m not sure I have the time to manage the project but I sure would like to help out.

I ran across my stash of LEDs the other day and got to thinking… Maybe I would like a table-top model to do some coding on. So I built this to play with a 10 x 20 Tetris-sized matrix.


We can certainly do a tabletop style if we wanted to.


I think that if we are going to make a Tetris for the maker fair, it MUST be a -=* BIG ASS TETRIS.*=-
I’m not sure a 13" Tetris will draw many crowds.

My “proto tetris” table-top version is just an array of LEDs and a breadboard. I was going to use it to test some software ideas and see what sort of effects I could come up with that might look neat.
(attract-mode is essential!)

I’ve setup the signup sheet for the MakerFaire and ordered the supplies to have 500 kits. (We still need to get the boards).

Feel free to sign up for a time slot. I split up the day into two shifts.

Just got the reply, looks like we have been accepted.


We are excited to inform you that your proposal for Cincinnati Mini Maker Faire 2019, Hive13 [264], has been accepted. Congratulations, we are delighted to have you participate in Cincinnati Mini Maker Faire.

Your support and involvement is important to the Maker community, and we thank you in advance for bringing your project, enthusiasm, and Maker spirit to the event. Cincinnati Mini Maker Faire celebrates the best of human imagination and creativity, and we expect that this Maker Faire will be no different.

We want to make sure that we help prepare you in advance for a great experience. Please find key information below.

1. Save the date! Cincinnati Mini Maker Faire 2019 will take place on Saturday, April 13th at Union Terminal.

  • Load-in for this event will be on the evening of Friday, April 12th, 2019 and in the early morning on Saturday, April 13th, 2019. You will receive further information on load-in as we approach closer to the event date.

  • Unless otherwise specified on your participation form, you will be participating for an all-day event, taking place from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

2. Begin to prepare your exhibit.

  • Please think about ways to design your space to be educational, interactive, and fun. Here are some helpful tips on how to make your space the place to be:

  • Have hands-on activities, projects, or takeaways. Visitors come to Cincinnati Mini Maker Faire to learn, explore, and above all, MAKE. Visitors love interactive and immersive experiences.

  • Our building does have Wi-Fi capability, so if your activity/presentation requires access it is available.

  • If you are a vendor (someone who sells something they make), people love to see you working on what you make. When you’re not with a customer, have something to work on. This can help attract people to your booth and ask you about your process. Many vendors see higher numbers in sales when using this approach.

  • If your project is not/cannot be hands-on; make it eye-catching. Give visitors something truly stunning.

  • Be prepared to talk to people of all ages. Our visitors at Cincinnati Mini Maker Faire range in many ages, but all of them are interested in what they are seeing. No budding-maker is too young or too old!

  • As a participant in Cincinnati Mini Maker Faire 2019, you are not only representing yourself/organization, but also Cincinnati Museum Center and MAKE Media. Please keep this in mind when interacting with the public.

3. Spread the news that you’ve been accepted!

  • We’ve created Maker Faire graphics that you can use on your website and email signatures to let people know about your appearance. We appreciate any efforts on your part to promote Maker Faire to friends, family, and coworkers.

  • Do you tweet? Consider tweeting this:
    “I’ve been accepted to exhibit at Cincinnati Mini Maker Faire on April 13th. Come see me there!”

  • If you have friends who should be exhibiting cool projects, tell them they can still apply.

  • Keep up with all the news on Maker Faire by following us on Facebook.

Our goal is to make Maker Faire a truly unique, educational, and extraordinary experience for everyone. Please know that we appreciate your participation as it helps us achieve this goal.

If you have any questions about your exhibit or changes to it, please shoot us an email at

See you at Cincinnati Mini Maker Faire 2019!

The Cincinnati Mini Maker Faire Team
Becca Blumer & Gwen Elliott

I’ll bring this up as a topic in the meeting tonight.

I left ~400 LTS PCBs and about the same number of OSH Park stickers in a white Fedex box with the other LTS stuff.

Sweet! we should be set for the MakerFaire.
Feel free to come down to the Faire Saturday.

Just got the email from the Maker Faire with info.
I don’t think we need to any setup there on Friday.
The LTS booth can be setup in a bout 10 minutes.
We are planning to get everything together so we can just grab the bins Sat morning.
Don’t forget to come help run the booth!

Hello 2019 Cincinnati Mini Maker Faire partners!

The weekend we have all been planning for is almost here. I hope you are all getting as excited as we are! Cincinnati Mini Maker Faire is going to be an extravaganza! To say we are thrilled may be an understatement, and we know that you are just as excited as us. Thank you for trusting us at Cincinnati Museum Center to be the place you choose share how you make. We are honored.

Now, of course, we still need to pull this event off. Here is a helpful list of last minute reminders to make sure all of us (including our guests) have the best experience possible at Cincinnati Mini Maker Faire:

  • Load In and Parking:
  • I have attached directions to our South Dock to help you and/or your group find it easily.
  • Check in with the staff member with the clipboard when you arrive (we’ll be wearing red shirts).
  • The staff member will hand you your group’s parking pass.
  • You will receive ONE parking pass per booth/group for the South Dock parking. This will cover parking for the event date only. Carpooling is strongly encouraged.
  • Any additional cars must park in the parking lot in front of the Museum.- All loading in and out must happen through our South Dock doors. We will have staff and volunteers on hand to help you during this process.
  • We will have bins available to help you unload your projects, materials, and/or merchandise.- Load in is on the night of Friday April 12th, from 5:00 to 7:00 pm
  • Security will be watching over the vendor and community booths. However, please be aware the museum never fully closes, as there is an Amtrak train that arrives in the middle of the night.
  • We suggest covering your items with sheets and taking home the most expensive pieces, like laptops and fine jewelry. Please use your best judgement.
  • You may also load in the morning of Saturday April 13th, from 7:00 to 9:30 am.
  • Please be sure to bring any cords or cables that you might need for your booth. We have a very limited supply of extension cords, and will not be able to accommodate everyone.
  • At either of these load in times, you can turn in your signed contract for the event. This contract must be signed in order for you to participate. Please find the contract attached to this email.
  • During the day:
  • Booths: Be open and engaging from 10-5 on Saturday.
  • I have also attached our code of conduct for you to read through. Please follow this code during the weekend.
  • As a reminder, the event is accessible to patrons and guests through the purchase of a Discovery Pass for the day, or the possession of a membership.
  • All electrical or audio visual cables must comply with safety standards and the Cincinnati Fire Code. Cables or cords are not permitted to be laid in areas where guests will be walking. All cables and cords must be in good condition. No frayed, ripped, exposed, or tapped together cables or cords are permitted.
  • Load out:
  • Tear down is on Saturday after the event, from 5 to 7 pm, unless other arrangements have been made.
  • Bins and staff will once again be available to you if needed
  • You must have everything removed from the building no later than 7 pm.
  • Staff:
  • If you need anything at any time, there will be staff members, as well as volunteers throughout all of the event spaces. All staff and volunteers will be wearing CMC branded, red polo shirts.
  • Getting the word out

o Feel free to send your communities to our website:

o Also feel free to send them the link for our Cincinnati Mini Maker Faire event page on Facebook:

o Our hashtags are @cincymuseum and #cincymuseum if you want to live tweet, Instagram, Facebook, etc. leading up to or during the event.

  • Reaching me directly
  • If at any time during load in, load out, or day of the event you need to reach me directly, you can email me at, or contact me at my cell number, 740-739-2410.
  • I ask that you please be respectful and courteous, as this is my own personal cell number. Please use this with discretion.

We look forward to seeing you at the 2019 Cincinnati Mini Maker Faire! We cannot wait to see all the talent, passion, and creativity you each bring as we learn what it means to be a maker in the Greater Cincinnati area.

We hope this email has covered everything. Please be sure to either scan in your signed contract, or send to via email, or have it in hand during your load in process. If you have any specific questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to ask.


Rebecca Blumer

Manager of Community Collaborations

Cincinnati Museum Center

Office: 513-287-7000, Ext. 6273

Find us on Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube

Union Terminal

1301 Western Avenue, Cincinnati, Ohio 45203

Should be a fun event.


To clarify Brads comment, WE DO NEED HELP ON FRIDAY, but not to setup the booth.

Friday night we need help to:
Store and organize any ongoing projects

Empty All the Trash

Sweep and Clean the Hive

Organize all of the LTS and Hive booth items so they CAN be grabbed Saturday Morning.

We also need to have a few members that can be onsite at the Hive by 6pm for the greeters at the afterparty.

Will B

Yes, what Will said.

Still need help on Friday evening.

Still need help on Saturday at the Faire

Still need help for afterparty.

I’m planning to be there!

I was unable to get into the Annex this afternoon but I had everything packed up and ready to go in two boxes on the electronics workbench.
I’ll swing down to the Hive around 9:00 to get the stuff and bring anyone who wants to the Maker Faire (to avoid paying parking).
Should only take a few minutes to setup the LTS stuff. I grabbed one of the banners off the kitchen counter roof thing.
Ian got some nice “Learn to Solder” signs made up. We can decide how to mount them.
Wear your Hive shirts if you work at the Faire.

I can’t make the prep thing tonight, but I did clean the toilet when I was down there this afternoon.

See you all tomorrow at the Faire or the Afterparty!

Thanks for everything.

The Maker Faire went well. We had enough volunteers to enable us to wander around a bit.
The only miss was that we left the cool signage stuck to the board behind us. I’ve already contacted the Museum Center and they have our stuff.


We made about 119 boards and took in $99.75 in donations. That should offset the cost of the boards/supplies.
I don’t think any children or Hive members got burned. (First time for everything :yum:)
Probably need to do an inventory of LTS supplies.

Tha afterparty seemed like a success. No one got hurt (despite Greg’s efforts).
Apparently there is some food left over so maybe snacks for the Tuesday meeting.

Thanks again to all that helped with everything!

See you Tuesday night.