Cincinnati Maker Faire 2018 Sept 15-16

Here is the letter we got about the Cincinnati Mini Maker Faire.

Hello Jim and Brad!

Cincinnati Mini Maker Faire is back for its 6th year this September 15 & 16 at the historic Hamilton County Fairgrounds and I wanted to formally invite you to participate! As you know, Maker Faire brings together engineers, inventors, artists, musicians, and DIY tinkerers to inspire and create. This year we are trying to work in a repair clinic component, so if you are willing and able to share with others how you fix things (whatever they may be) that would be great! I suppose learning to solder is one way of learning to repair, so we always welcome that!

Our website is live, and if you are able to join us this year we’d love to have you fill out the short participation form here:

The sooner we have your information, the more likely we are able to share it on our social media platforms and website as we continue to promote the event.

Please let me know if you have any questions, we look forward to hearing from you!

Arynn & Kristen

Arynn McCandless

Cincinnati Museum Center

Manager of Community Events and Festivals

office (513) 287-7000ext 7291

Find us on Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube

Union Terminal

1301 Western Avenue, Cincinnati, Ohio 45203

Location during restoration

760 West Fifth Street, Cincinnati, Ohio 45203

Arynn McCandless

Manager of Community Events and Festivals

Cincinnati Museum Center

1301 Western Avenue

Cincinnati, OH 45203

Please use this thread to discuss interest.
I’m thinking it would be nice to have some kind of presence. Question is how much?

My thoughts from light to heavy involvement:

Repair table
Learn to Solder
Power Tool Drag Racing

Just got a followup letter from the MiniMakerFaire group:

Hello Hive13!

Just checking in to see how you all are doing and what you are up to, and to see if you can participate in Maker Faire again this year. I can’t imagine a Maker Faire without you! We’d love to have you back teaching folks to solider, or if you have something else in mind or up your sleeve, I’d love to hear about that too!

Our website is live and we are actively accepting participation forms here:

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns, and I hope to hear from you soon!

Have a great day,


Arynn McCandless

Cincinnati Museum Center

Manager of Community Events and Festivals

office (513) 287-7000ext 7291

Find us on Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube

Union Terminal

1301 Western Avenue, Cincinnati, Ohio 45203

Location during restoration

760 West Fifth Street, Cincinnati, Ohio 45203

Arynn McCandless

Manager of Community Events and Festivals

Cincinnati Museum Center

1301 Western Avenue

Cincinnati, OH 45203

I will fill out the web application that we are going to try and do Learn to Solder. We can modify it as the date gets closer.

Filled out the form to do Learn to Solder with one table.
We can work on the details as we get closer. Probably need to look at our supplies.

Hey folks.
Join me in signing up to work at the Maker Fair.
Chime in here to let us know you can give a few hours and earn free admission to the event.

Learn to Solder is easy to do and a fun way to introduce people to HIVE13.
Dave Velzy

I am open that weekend, I am all for helping out.


I’ll setup a google sheet to get a list of people and times.
Don’t need down to the minute, probably something like day morning/afternoon.

I also need to do an inventory of the supplies.

I’ll also schedule an intro solder session for folks that haven’t done it before. (It’s pretty easy, more about safe handling of the hot iron with the kids)

Thanks everyone.


Here is a link to the Google Sheet for the signup.

We will solidify things as we get closer.

Here is the response from the MakerFaire folks. Looks like we are in.


We are excited to inform you that your proposal for Cincinnati Mini Maker Faire, Hive13 [172], has been accepted. Congratulations, we are delighted to have you participate in Cincinnati Mini Maker Faire.

Your support and involvement is important to the Maker community, and we thank you in advance for bringing your project, enthusiasm, and Maker spirit to the event. Cincinnati Mini Maker Faire celebrates the best of human imagination and creativity, and we expect that this Maker Faire will be no different.

We want to make sure that we help prepare you in advance for a great experience. Please find key information below.

1. Save the dates! Cincinnati Mini Maker Faire 2018 will take place on Saturday, September 15 & Sunday, September 16 at the Hamilton County Fairgrounds.

  • Load-in for this event will be on Friday, September 14, 2018 and in the morning on Saturday, September 15, 2018. You will receive further information on load-in as we approach closer to the event date.

  • Unless otherwise specified on your participation form, this is a two day event and we expect that you will be in attendance and participating both days.

2. Begin to prepare your exhibit.
Please think about ways to design your space to be educational, interactive, and fun.

Here are some helpful tips on how to make your space the place to be:

  • Have hands-on activities, projects, or takeaways. Visitors come to Cincinnati Mini Maker Faire to learn, explore, and above all, MAKE. Visitors love interactive and immersive experiences.

  • Due to limitations at the event site, we are unable to provide Wifi. However, there are Mifi rental opportunities at many of your local public libraries which can provide you with your own Wifi hotspot during the event

  • If you are a vendor (someone who sells something they make), people love to see you working on what you make. When you’re not with a customer, have something to work on. This can help attract people to your booth and ask you about your process.

  • If your project is not/cannot be hands-on; make it eye-catching. Give visitors something truly stunning.

  • Be prepared to talk to people of all ages. Our visitors at Cincinnati Mini Maker Faire range in many ages, but all of them are interested in what they are seeing. No budding-maker is too young or too old!

  • As a participant in Cincinnati Mini Maker Faire 2018, you are not only representing yourself/organization, but also Cincinnati Museum Center and MAKE Media. Please keep this in mind when interacting with the public.

If you have any questions about your exhibit or changes to it, please shoot us an email at

3. Spread the news that you’ve been accepted!
We’ve created Maker Faire graphics that you can use on your website and email signatures to let people know about your appearance. We appreciate any efforts on your part to promote Maker Faire to friends, family, and coworkers.

Do you tweet? Consider tweeting this:
“I’ve been accepted to exhibit at Cincinnati Mini Maker Faire on October 7&8. Come see me there!”
And don’t forget about hashtags! Add #CincyMakerFaire, #CreateMoreCuriosity and #CityofMakers to your posts.

If you have friends who should be exhibiting cool projects, tell them they can still apply.

Keep up with all the news on Maker Faire by following us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Our goal is to make Maker Faire a truly unique, educational, and extraordinary experience for everyone. Please know that we appreciate your participation as it helps us achieve this goal.

See you at Cincinnati Mini Maker Faire 2018!

The Cincinnati Mini Maker Faire Team
Arynn McCandless and Kristen Woods

Feel free to post any thoughts about the upcoming event.

I’ll start an inventory to see what we may need.


Sorry, I had setup the sheet with only Hive13 addresses to have access.

With this link, anyone should be able to edit.



I have some Hive-made projects I am happy to lend to Maker Faire.

I have some laser-cut (before the laser went down…down…down…) items, and I am hoping to have some sweet 3D-printed projects to contribute as well, if I get those done in time.

If you like, I can throw in my old pencil sharpener gear (:“before”) and the 3D-printed rough draft (“after”), along with some photos (or even a Powerpoint? I’m all for that).


Bump -
The Maker Fair is Coming. Sign up for a time slot in the HIVE13 booth. Exhibitors get in the Fair for Free.
Maybe we can even get through the weekend without a monsoon.

Hey all,

I’m interested but I won’t be getting back into town until Sunday afternoon what time does it end?


Scott Raymond

Here is the latest info on the Maker Faire this weekend.

"Cincinnati Mini Maker Faire is on September 15 th and 16 th , 2018, and runs from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. each

day. At the end of the evening on Saturday, September 15 th , we ask that you unplug all equipment and

make sure that all of your belongings are secured within your provided space. We will be locking down

all of the buildings that evening and will be proving on site security overnight to ensure the safety of


“If you choose to load-in on Saturday morning, please note that your display must be ready to go by 10:15 a.m. and that all vehicles must be parked in the lower parking lot at this time. We will not be allowing vehicles to stay in the main Maker Faire area this year (unless part of a display). We will also be doing any final needs and safety check of all booths prior to the start of the event at 11 a.m. so we are all prepared for visitors.”

So I’ll get there around 10:00 am with the Learn to Solder stuff. To split the shifts into two let’s target for 10:30am-2:00pm and 2:00pm-5:30pm (roughly).

Hello Everyone!

We wanted to send out a few last minute reminders before the big event this weekend!

  • Attached are load-in instructions for all Makers, Vendors, Performers, and Speakers. Please let us know if you have any questions about these instructions.

  • If you are a vendor, please remember to pay your vendor fee.

    If you would like to pay by credit card please call Amy Spille at 513-287-7000 ext. 7286 and she would be happy to take your payment over the phone.

    If you would like to pay by check, please make the check out to Cincinnati Museum Center and write “CMMF 2018 Vendor Payment” in the Memo line. You can either hand this check to us when you check in for the event, or you can mail it to:

    Cincinnati Museum Center

    Attn: Amy Spille

    250 W Court Street, Suite 300 E

    Cincinnati, OH 45202

  • Attached is our Maker, Vendor, Performer, and Speaker Agreement. Please sign and return this document at your earliest convenience if you have not done so already. You may also turn it in when you check in for the event. Only one person from your group/organization needs to sign, but all group members should read the document.

Thank you, and we can’t wait for another amazing Cincinnati Mini Maker Faire!

See you this weekend!!!

Kristen Woods and Arynn McCandless

Thanks to everyone that can help!


Cincinnati Mini Maker Faire 2018_Instructions for Participants.docx (16.3 KB)

Maker, Vendor, Performer Agreement_2018.pdf (454 KB)

Sorry I haven’t been as communicative as I should be on this event. Job and life are getting in the way. Grrrrr

Basically, show up at the Hamilton county fairgrounds by 10:30am on Saturday (for the morning shift);
7801 Anthony Wayne Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45216. Say you are working th event and you should get in for free. I think you get a wristband. They are a bit informal, if you have any questions/problems feel free to call/txt my cell phone (513)312-4003. Leave a message if I don’t pickup.

The Faire contact people are:
Kristen’s Cell: 513-417-2999, Arynn’s Cell: 513-390-8420

If you could wear a Hive13 shirt that would be great, feel free to pick one up at the Hive. The box is by the main door. Free shirt if you volunteer at the Faire. :grinning: If you don’t want to wear the cool Hive gear, see if you have something geeky/nerdy. :nerd_face:

The current signups look good. If Dave would like to come Sat afternoon I may leave a bit early if things are covered.

> 10:30-2:00 2:00-5:30 10:30-2:00 2:00-5:30
Name Sat morning Sat afternoon Sun morning
Brad Walsh X
Dave Velzy
John McCarthy X
Mike Horwath X X
Jeremy Yap x x
Usman X

We have a table with power so we will setup two Learn to Solder stations with all the supplies. (I’m swinging by the Hive earlier to pickup all the stuff - I can grab a shirt for you if needed. Need to remember to get the spools of solder.

If you haven’t done the event before it is pretty simple. The biggest thing is to not hurt anyone (including you). Danger points are the hot iron (duh) and clipping off the long leads after the soldering is complete. (The ends go flying pretty far, so we have everyone wear safety glasses). Even covering it up with your hand they sometimes shoot off into space. We have some irons with clipped power cords to let kids hold in case they don’t seem to grasp the “this end is hot” concept. (Plastic handle good, metal end bad). For little kids, or people that are visibly scared, you pretty much do the soldering and let them hold the far (cool) end of the iron. We used to do a waiver, I need to dig into that and get some printed.

The soldering is simple through hole stuff. After a few tries you get in the groove. I’d estimate about 10% failure rate if you do everything right. Sometimes it is the battery holder and sometimes the LED get’s toasted. You just put the dud off to the side and do another one. Make it like “You didn’t do anything wrong, we get to do another one!”.

If things get slow we sometimes try and salvage parts from the duds but you are usually busy talking to people if you aren’t soldering. Feel free to take breaks and walk around the Faire. I think some folks are going to showcase some stuff, which is great. I wouldn’t bring anything you aren’t comfortable people touching and possibly breaking.

I will be there most of the Faire but may leave in the afternoon if we have a nice setup going. This weekend is the P&G dividend day at King’s Island.

I think we should get a basic instruction sheet together for new folks. Maybe we can get some good pics at this event.

We aren’t getting paid for this event so we put out our “donations accepted” bucket by the station. Our suggestion, if people ask, is $1 or $2. I’ve had people give up to $5. The cost per board is around $0.50 but at least 50% don’t give anything. No shaming if someone doesn’t give, we really just do it for outreach. If the bucket gets semi-full then we empty most of it into a more secure box. Leave a few bucks in there to help motivate people. :dollar:

Any questions please let me know. We should be inside so it will be awesome.



dont forget to grab the hive13 brochures! :slight_smile: I will probably show up to help, at a time when Mike isn’t working.

Would it be helpful to bring some stuff from home to show off at Maker
Faire? (mostly 3D printed objects)


Sure. I wouldn’t bring anything too precious.
I was going to grab the Skyrym helmet and some other stuff from the Hive.
Feel free to bring whatever you like to the Faire.


Is there any prep on friday? Loading? Or is it all on sat? What time?

Since all we have to do is setup the table I was going to do everything Sat morning.
I might swing by the Hive today today to put all the LTS stuff in my car.
Is the Hive banner somewhere?
I also don’t know where the waiver form is.
I’ll get a list together.



Were you planning on leaving the LTS supplies on site overnight?
I’d take the donations out of the can and hold them to leave at HIVE with the LTS stuff Sunday evening.
Or did you have other plans?