Cincinnati Hell

Ok so get this. I finally get a hold of cincinnati bell and they say we have a contract until Sept 2011 and we would have to pay a cancellation fee. Which is bullshit because we never got the speeds from our original contract anyhow. So I told them I want to file a complaint and they are forwarding me to the management team to dispute the line. He claims that even though we were having internet problems that our phone line was working properly so I probably won’t be able to dispute the termination charges on the phone line.

Assuming I can get the termination fees waived for our horrible internet access, what do we want to do about the phone line? Should we keep it or pay a termination fee. I’m thinking we should just keep it. If nothing gets waived then termination fees are almost a grand. I don’t know what they would be for just the phone line.

I just looked up our original contract with cincinnati bell and it was a 12 month contract from 9/9/09 (666 upside down). They must of auto-renewed a 1 year contract? Bullshit. So I’m going to argue it but it may take up to 5 days for them to call me back.


that is total BS. i thought we went month to month after the first year.

can we keep the phone and just disable a bunch of features?

if not, i recommend calling into telephreak a lot more :slight_smile:

I’m on assignment at CBT through Sogeti atm … I can try to poke around and see what your best option is.

I thought you guys (i know i know i’m a serious slacker when it comes to membership/attendance) had already started down the road of cancellation?

I can’t speak to the details contract renewal stuff, but given that you’ve been having such issues and it’s only 7 days after that ending period, I’d have a hard time believing they couldn’t work with you.

On a side note, Sogeti is still looking for talented hires in their Java, Microsoft, and PLM/HTC practices. If any of you are looking for new opportunities, shoot me an email and I’ll hook you up with a recruiter.

CBT usually has an auto-renewal clause in any business contract. Yes, it’s BS that they do it but it is pretty common. I agree with Joe, the better position is that we’re only a week from our renewal date. Unless you can show that we called all the time about our speeds, I don’t think you can use that defense. If we did, then I would think we do have a right to cancel the telephone service since FUSE is contingent on that and it’s the only reason we got it.

We are dealing with this on my business account. Sadly CBT doesn’t really care about customer service, just the immediate revenues. If they don’t drop the fees they want to charge my business for early termination, I too will never use CBT telephone after our PRI contract ends.


Heh, I just started here, and if it's any consolation, the project i'm
spearheading is a rewrite of their ticket management interface/system
(because they know they have service efficiency issues hah)

That being said, why did we go with DSL in the 1st place? :stuck_out_tongue:

We went with dsl from cb because tw wanted to charge us 4000 for install and 300 a month when we first contacted them.

Wow, that seems completely rediculous.

But I've always been confused by the extorted cost of business
accounts with less speed.

We auto-pay. So a payment automatically came out. I didn’t cancel because I was unsure if the timewarner tap was truly going to happen. I filled a ticket a few days ago to have it canceled only to have them close the ticket and tell me I need to call. So I did and the automated message told me that all their representatives where busy and one would call in an hour and a half or I could stay on the line. After about 2 and a half hours some douche calls me and says I’m on contract until next Sept. So I had to escalate it.

Supposedly it can take yet another 5 days for somebody from mgmt to call me. With any luck this can be worked out. Else I’m grabbing my phreaking gear and I’m going to make our money back :wink: Just kidding…sort of

Another tenant in our building couldn’t deal with Cincy Bell either so they got Timewarner to run a line for 2,000 instead of the quoted 4 they told us. They paid and now that there is a run into our building we can finally get TW. Which thankfully works as advertised.


Is this Joe Brockhaus AKA Felonious Monk? Cause if that's true my mind
just got blown.


lol yes it is. :slight_smile:

Hello everybody,

Just sending you a Cincinnati Bell update… This has finally been resolved. The line is being disconnected and we do not have to pay a cancellation fee for our phone or internet. WhooHoo! We do need to check our physical mail to see if TW has sent us a bill yet because I do not have them on auto-pay. Plus cincinnati bell will send us the official cancellation letter shortly.

That took longer than expected but at least it worked out for the best.



Aww, we're not going to get the random sales calls any more? What a shame.

So where are we on a voip setup for the hive instead? Is the asterix
box running? I remember hearing that we had a couple of phones donated
at some point

that's great news. thanks craig for staying on top of this.