Cincinnati Board Gaming Meetup

Morning All,

There is a thread on the Cincinnati subreddit working on organizing a scheduled board game night in the Cincinnati area. As events like this have occurred at the Hive in the past I thought I’d share there info in case anyone wanted to be a part of it.

Hi Dave, Good to hear from you. If some HIVE member was part of this gaming group and was willing to take responsibility to be the recurring host, I'd support our space being available for this use. It could be good marketing and if all the gamers became members then it is not any issue. What do others think? We can add it to next week's agenda as new business if a host steps forward as the sponsor. Jim

we’ve had gaming days at the hive in the past and they’ve always been fun. santa brought me two new versions of fluxx, so i’m eager to play them :slight_smile: