Cincinnati 2600: Holiday Edition

The December meeting of Cincinnati 2600 is this Friday, December 4th.
We will be building a PXE server to boot different distros over the
network. Got a distro you want to try? Bring an ISO on a USB drive,
and we’ll give it a shot.

I also have some t-shirts and random swag to give away. The t-shirts
were donated by all sorts of people: Google, IBM, HP, TLLTS, etc.
Goodies are also from various vendors.

The meeting is at Hive13 located at 2929 Spring Grove Ave, and starts
at 7:00 PM. Parking is available on the street. See you there :]

Hell yeah, I will be there this time. Anyone throwing down for some pizza or the like?


I could probably be talked into some pizza.