cinci2600 this friday april 4th

cinic2600 is this friday, at its usual time and place: 7pm at the
hive13 hackerspace: 2929 spring grove ave in camp washington (known
locally as the anchor building).

i’ll be giving a talk on some of the technical aspects of the NSA
domestic surveillance program.

of all of the talks i have given, this one has broken my personal
record for number internet memes included in a presentation, so come
for the memes, stay for the memes.

oops, april 1st. this friday is the 1st.

I think this is the first time we’ve had a scheduled activity every single weeknight in the same week. Awesome!!

Monday - MakerBot Monday
Tuesday - Membership Meeting
Wednesday - Open Shop 101
Thursday - Lockpick Forensics
Friday - 2600

Keep up the good work everyone!


I had other things planned, but now I think I might divert my schedule
a bit to attend at least part of this. Having seen some of his past
2600 talks at the Brew House, the memes really can make a presentation
vastly more memorable.

Anyone who's skeptical about the appropriate use of memes in
presentations, attend this. Your life might be changed.

I will be in SF for a show but maybe I can go to the ATT building on Folsom and listen in on your preso as it goes through the NSA taps.

Going to room 641A, eighty? :slight_smile:


That’s the one :slight_smile: