Cinci2600 Friday, December 6th @ 7pm

I know you are all accustomed to me announcing a 2600 meetup like 12 hours before it happens, but we have a really cool demo set up for the December meeting, so I wanted to get the word out extra early. Tell a buddy and bring a friend.

Cinic2600 is Friday, December 6th 2013 (the Friday AFTER the Thanksgiving holiday weekend) at its usual time and place: 7pm at the hive13 hackerspace: 2929 spring grove ave in Camp Washington (known locally as The Anchor Building).

Cameron will be demonstrating an end-to-end assault on a residential network, from compromising the wireless network to getting a shell on the PC, and all of the mischief that can be caused along the way. I will be following up with some steps you can take to prevent some of these problems and how you can hopefully spot some of these shenanigans before something bad happens.

As always, if you have something to present or to demonstrate please bring it by :slight_smile:

Maps and other details about Hive13 can be found here. See you there!

Hey just wanted to check in see if you(Chris) and Cameron still planning for this evening event at the Hive or will most people be hiding from the White Death Brain Eaters !

I’ll be there, but if no one shows we can reschedule for next Friday.

I think I’m going to pass on driving in this shit…

Was planning on coming down, but these roads are too bad for the shitty car I’m driving right now

Really sad I missed this one…

Did it happen, or get postponed?

We will be doing an encore presentation in January 3rd.

I blame Chris for his no showieness ! :stuck_out_tongue:

We will be doing an encore presentation on Jan. 3rd, with the usual “weather permitting” caveat.