cinci2600 friday aug 5th @7p

2600 is on for this friday night at the hive13 hackerspace in camp
washington (2929 spring grove ave.) shadoxx will be presenting on
and demonstrating how to reverse router firmware. afterwards, shadoxx
will DJ a set.

the meeting and musical performance are open to the public so please stop by.

Scratch the set. I forgot all of my equipment at my house. So unless I
find myself around Mt. Washington today while I'm working, I'll
probably just give the presentation. I'm down to drink with anyone
afterward though! :smiley:

What do you need? Just kidding.
So, should we bring our own WRT54G's and laps and ups' and what not?

Oh yeah, and what does 'reverse firmware' mean?

Never mind: probably something like this, which sounds fabulous:

And there you have it. We successfully identified and extracted the
boot loader, kernel and file system from this firmware image, plus we
have a new SquashFS signature to boot!

I'm in!!