Cin-D LOU update

Project followers,

We've added some new photos links to interesting "Line Following
Robot" web references on the project page

If anyone wants to step up and help to get the locomotion part of the
project moving forward (intentional PUNishment) we'll welcome your
participation. Work with Jon.

We're thinking locomotion phase 1 mode will be based on proportional
line following along a defined path laid-out in the HIVE studio
space. We'll start simple and walk before we run.

A next follow-up locomotion phase 2 mode might be called "follow the
leader". This would be free-form tracking and maintaining a distance
behind a lead person target similar to a golf caddy. This could be
used for general fun setup and to move to a defined path.

A down-the-road locomotion phase 3 mode might be free-form navigation
to approach and engage contact with a recognized target. Enter stage
left, "Hello, my name is Cin-D LOU, welcome to the HIVE!"

We'd also welcome inputs for tasteful concepts for the body whether it
be generic male, female, or androgynous. There is a rectangular
pattern of four 3/4" diameter sleeves on the top of the motorized
wheelchair frame that would be the mounting "hard-points" for the
body. Using these will allow the body to be easily mounted and
removed as needed.

One body implementation would be to build a wood stick frame; then cut
pink-foam "ham steak" contours; and use construction adhesive to join
successive contour layers working from the ground up to the neck. The
contour stair-steps could be sanded down to a generally smooth

A second (better?) body implementation would require some metal-
working capabilities. It would be really nice if someone could
provide some lengths of 3/4" OD structural steel tubing that would be
a slide fit into the four mounting sleeves. We'd also need the
ability to cut pieces, form bends, and weld them together. A body
frame made from steel will be beefier than wood. Handles could be
added at waist-level in the back (like the push handles on a real
wheelchair) to manually push Cin-D LOU around when the the motorized
wheelchair base is put into "free-wheel" mode.

The head design team is starting to choose and procure a setup based
on six R/C servos, two stepping motors, and a microcontroller for the
following functions:
- both eyes up/down (R/C servo)
- both eyes left/right (R/C servo) Note: not cross-eye capable
- left eye blink (R/C servo)
- right eye blink (R/C servo)
- left eye lid raise/lower (R/C servo)
- right eye lid raise/lower (R/C servo)
- head nod up/down (stepper)
- neck turn left/right (stepper)

We're hoping to design motor mounts and bracket parts that can be
fabbed using the laser and makerbot.