Cin-D_LOU project - Jan. 3

I won't be able to make the meeting tonight, but here is a current
update on the Cin-D LOU project for this week.

A project page was started at with
some initial details and links to get folks thinking.

If Jon or Paul want to lead tonight's project discussions, I'd suggest
two themes:

(1) Locomotion - We're looking for wheels, casters, batteries and
drive circuits for the two wheel chair motors. We'll need the
mounting bolt hole locations and rough dimensions for the other
components to make the base plate in the next few weeks. Another hot
topic will be navigation strategies.

(2) Head - We'll be looking for at least three small RC servos driven
by an Arduino to power the eyes (left/right, up/down, blink) and
possibly two more if we do eyebrows. We'll have three larger drives
to operate the neck (up/down, left/right, rotate). What we do for the
mouth is an open topic (PUNishment!). Triggering scripts for typical
gestures can be another topic.

Participation is encouraged and all replies and suggestions are


The UC Robotics Club has done projects with autonomous robots. Here's
our YouTube channel,

We meet every Friday at 1pm in 551 Baldwin hall on the main campus.
Maybe there can be some kind of collaboration between Hive13 and the
Robotics Club on this project?

Jim 2

Hi Jim2,

You may know some of our HIVE members are UC grads and students and
might be able/interested to make your 1 pm Friday UC Robotics Club
meetings. I've got a day job, so that's harder for me personally. I
know some UC professors through work, but none working with the
Robotics Club. I'm pretty sure the HIVE would welcome any
collaboration ideas.

Can you and any others come to the HIVE on Tuesday nights, before or
after the business meeting? I should be there next week and we can
meet and talk then. You're welcome to participate/contribute to our
Cin-D LOU project and perhaps get senior project options or class
credits and/or augment your Robotics Club experiences.