Cin-D LOU housebot meeting tonight

Just a heads-up for those interested, we'll be at the HIVE tonight
working on assorted things before and after the business meeting.
This will include more informal discussions on the Cin-D LOU housebot

The current focus is on locomotion strategies. We thought last week
to see if Jon could get a more-complete, already-assembled, junker,
motorized-wheelchair base. That would be a better starting point for
the locomotion unit than just the two drive gear motors. How would
the unit navigate around in the floorspace? Any folks interested in
taking on this challenge?

Also we're interested in anyone who has a working Arduino to RC servo
setup that they could bring and demo. We're looking to rig up four to
six or so RC servos inside the head to drive the eye motions. Does
anyone have a good salvage source or do we need to buy new?

Does anyone have a small cell-phone size (maybe 2" x 3") general-
purpose video screen and speaker? Can that be rigged to a PC or CPU
to play low-resolution, short-duration audio/video clips auato-
selected on demand from a library? If you think you can do this, see
me tonight to talk about a possibility.

See you tonight, Jim

you can do this straight off the arduino board's PWM outputs; there
are a few libs out there to use, and there are claims that the base
servo driver can handle up to 12 servos on a base arduino, and up to
48 on a mega.

hobby king has 9g micro servos for $3 a pop, but it takes a while (~2
weeks) to arrive from hong kong. amazon has em for $8 a pop, 2 day.
don't know of any good salvage source, as they are not known for their
durability. (i've crunched/stripped 2 of em in a day before doing RC
plane duty)

another option is the HKSCM9-5 servo from hobby king's US warehouse,
$3 and change; haven't had a chance to order from their USA warehouse
yet, so i dont know how long of a ship time they usually take. also
plastic geared.

finally, is the 919MG servo, also from HK, $5 and change a pop, but
metal gears. \m/ only ships from the international warehouse as
well. :frowning: